Saturday, July 14, 2007

Triple A

I remember when I decided to start a blog. My family and friends had no clue what it was all about (Luke is still in the dark) and had never heard of the word. Trisha, Luke's cousin, Cal's mama, has a picture blog and that's it. My in-laws don't even know about this blog. And that is OK.

I just wanted a place to write. I really had no clear direction at first. I then started writing about what I know: beauty, fashion, pop culture and the like. Now, as you know, it's a big ball of mush- a jambalaya of posts. Personal essays, quizzes, pictures, celebrities, gossip, and fashion and beauty reviews. It's ME, an eclectic mix of things.
What has been the greatest thing, the most unexpected thing, the lagniappe, as we say here in Cajun Country is the fabulous bunch of people I've *met*. I've become hooked on other people's blogs who are like me, different from me, moms, single, live overseas... I love it. I've learned a lot about being a stay at home mom, something I plan to be one day. I've learned about different types of parenting, different religions, cultures, professions, and hobbies. I feel enriched and blessed to have made contact with certain people.

But, there is someone special. She is the author of the first blog I ever found and I read the whole thing from beginning to present (at the time) when I found it. I was immediately drawn to her. I had to know what happened. Well, did you get the visa? How's your sister's baby? I was so wrapped up and truly interested. I left a comment that I hoped wasn't scary and I did hear from her.

We started to email each other and we "jumped right in" telling each other nitty-gritty details about our lives and asking probing questions. We are different. She lives in Utah. I live in Louisiana. She is Mormon. I am non-denominational Christian. She is the oldest of 6. I am the oldest of 2. She is not married. I am. She is very good and sweet and lovely. I am not. But, we have other things in common. I had no idea how much, though.

We eventually got it together and spoke on the phone for a long time. I love her laugh. She has the best accent. They both remind me of clean pure water. She is so kind and truly a perfect woman. She tells me the sweetest things about myself, is very complimentary, a great supporter and makes me feel like she is over the moon to talk to me. I fear I talk too much when we are on the phone (not you...), talk about things she is not in the least interested in, come off as rough and crude, maybe a bumbling, babbling idiot! I just think she's brilliant and so fabulous.

When we spoke, I could feel in my heart that God brought her into my life for a reason. I believe in those things. The two of us both have certain family members with the same problems that have effected us. We both feel the same way about a lot of situations and I just know that we can give a lot of great things to each other. I know that my "Triple A" will be a source of much happiness in my life and I thank her so much for that. I apologize for my bumblings (and ramblings, my mom would kill me) and occasional "naughty" word. Dirty Cajun :) Please forgive me. And forgive me for just changing from speaking to everyone to speaking directly to you, Lindsay.

This is Lindsay with an "A". Whose middle name and last name start with "A". That's where I got the nickname Triple A.
Go over and see her at Overreactors Anonymous. Although between you and me, I've never heard her overreact about anything! And she doesn't blog nearly enough.

So, to my Triple A, I love you. I thank God that you've come into my life. You are so wonderful and smart and beautiful and loving. You are strong and brave. I look forward to every conversation we will have. **CONSTANT COMMUNICATION**

Lindsay & her niece, Penelope

Beautiful Lindsay in England

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