Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that make me mad

  1. When I cannot get in touch with Luke and I know he's not working
  2. When you are at the store and there are lines of people and two cashiers! That just drives me nuts!!!!
  3. When my sheets are messed up. I am OCD about my bedding. Everything has to be perfect.
  4. When cars try to run over me. I live on a busy road and people don't want to slow down long enough to let me turn into my driveway, even though I put my blinker on waaaaay ahead of time.
  5. When the TV Guide doesn't match the tv. It makes me mad when the magazine says one show is on and it isn't. I'm a tv fanatic so I miss a show I wanted to see or get excited to see one that is not coming on at all.
  6. When people challenge my beliefs with no intelligent facts or reasons.
  7. When people judge me without knowing anything about me. They see that I stay at home and don't go to school. Must be stupid... Must be spoiled... Must be ???
  8. Stereotypes. I don't fit in any so, I don't like them and work REALLY hard at not buying into them. I'm very girly and love make up and clothes but, I'm not shallow. I'm very smart and I also have a "crunchy, hippie" side.
  9. When a book doesn't live up to it's hype.
  10. People who don't use their blinkers.
  11. When tennis or golf interrupts good tv shows. There are sports channels for that crap.
  12. The boom boom, rattle my windows bass of the low riders that drive past my house.
  13. The neighbors who play very loud music all night long on any given night.

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