Monday, July 30, 2007

That Lady Just Wanted To "Live Like She Was Dying"

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw made a stop at the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA on their Soul2Soul tour (gag me). And it was memorable. Apparently, some girl grabbed Tim in his, um, area, while he walked between a barricade and the stage to greet fans. Well, guess Faithy-Pooh didn't think she should feel him "Breathe" because she was NOT HAPPY. Click on the link to check it out.

**It's been deleted! Oh, and it was so funny!! Faith leans down in front of the whole crowd and tells the "area-grabber", "SOMEBODY NEEDS TO TEACH YOU SOME CLASS, MY FRIEND! YOU DON'T GO GRABBIN' SOMEBODY ELSE'S, SOMEBODY'S HUSBAND'S BALLS [don't be mad at me],YOU UNDERSTAND ME? THAT'S VERY DISRESPECTFUL!"

I just think this is hilarious. No, I don't think anyone should grab anyone else. I don't condone the grabbing of other people's husband's "areas". Hell, I don't think people should be grabbing their own husband's "areas" in public. Everyone needs to keep their damn hands to themselves. But, seriously, she looks like a fool. Tim can handle himself.
The two of them just rub me the wrong way. They are just gross and so "we are perfect and rich and better than you" It's not REAL. No one is pretty, talented, happy, rich, PERFECT all the damn time. But, she tries to perpetuate this appearance and it's gag-me-with-a-plastic-spoon. Soul2Soul. Whatever.

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