Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Restaurant Meme

Yay! Kelli tagged me for a meme!! For those "non bloggers" a meme is like a survey. No clue what a meme actually means. But those of you who know me know how much I love those surveys. I've never been tagged and I'm so excited since tonight I'm just doing quizes and old memes of Kelli's.

These are the rules of the meme:
1. Link to name of person that tagged you.
2. Include state and country you live in
3. List top 5 favorite local restaurants
4. List 5 other people an let them know they've been tagged

Ok, my first official meme that someone has "given" me *deep breath*. I hope I do everything correctly with the linking and the tagging and all that. Here I go.

(I linked Kelli)

I live in Louisiana, USA a small city right outside of Baton Rouge

1. Bonefish Grill- This restaurant has a few locations in the country (click on it- their website is fun) and it's beautiful. The food is wonderful. The martini (x-rated) was phenominal. I am a major foodie, a big restaurant lover and this one is awesome. The fish is just exceptional.

2. Cheesecake Bistro- Our family loves this place. It's a favorite for birthdays and other celebrations. I love the salads and the wraps. Mom and I usually split both. And, of course, the cheesecake.

3. Rocco's New Orleans PoBoys- A great lunch place. They have excellent shrimp poboys and french fries, pasta salads, onion rings, etc

4. Zea Rotissere and Grill- This place is unique and awesome. I don't really love red meat, I never eat steak and this place has fantastic rotissere chicken. They do all types of things to different meats- simple but delicious. I've also had fish there and it was fabulous. They have a pepper jelly vinegarette dressing that is wonderful.

5. Sno's Seafood- A local favorite, a family favorite, everybody loves Sno's! Except Luke (they don't give him enough fish), of course. The seafood is great here. I love the seafood platter- shrimp, stuffed and regular, soft-shelled crab (my favorite- one of them), stuffed crab, crab legs, fish, gumbo (I don't really care for the gumbo), crawfish tails... They have really good crab au gratin. I just LOVE seafood. It's my very favorite. I could eat fish or shrimp every night.

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