Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm a Daddy's Girl (So What??)

If you know me at all, you know that I'm a daddy's girl and that is putting it mildly. Really. If you look it up in the dictionary, there's probably a big ole grinnin picture of me! I ADORE my daddy. And, truth be told, he adores me.

My mom says that this began instantly. I entered the world dramatically- of course- and she says that I had him wrapped around my finger from the moment he saw me. All black and blue and eye swollen and foot turned in, long and skinny and not the beautiful rosy baby every mommy and daddy hopes for. Oh well, this is what they got.

The things I remember about my daddy when I was a little girl is music and guitar. He used to play "Angel Falling to Close to the Ground" by Willie Nelson for me all the time. I loved it and still do so much. It was the song we danced to at my wedding, even though it doesn't have an easy rhythm for slow dancing. I remember lots of guitar playing. He still plays all the time and so does my husband and my brother. I love it. I also love Willie Nelson. My daddy always sends me flowers for Valentine's Day. When I lived in Georgia, I still got a big huge bouquet. It was surprising. The card always says the same thing, "To Daddy's Little Sweetheart" for years. The same message. He called me turkey lips when I was little. He endlessly teased me when I was younger about being sooooo helplessly skinny and not fitting in the ever-coveted blue jean skirt, my leotard and leggings, bathing suits...

For so long, I was so sheltered. I had no clue that everyone didn't have a daddy like mine. That everyone's daddy didn't spoil them to pieces and put them on their laps and sing songs to them and buy them candy and watch Fraggle Rock and make them feel like princesses. It broke my heart when I found out that the truth was my daddy was so rare. And I think it really broke his heart, too. I remember in high school how he got so angry about stories of my friends with neglectful or even hateful fathers (there was a very scary and not so nice incident at our house). My daddy thought every little girl (and boy) deserved a good daddy. Most people really love him. He loves people and has a big heart.

Yes, I'm married. Yes, I'm 26. And Yes, I think my daddy is the greatest man alive. I love my daddy. He is my hero. My daddy does everything for me and we laugh together and he can't stand for me to cry. I know that I am safe and will be okay as long as I can get in touch with daddy. I don't think it's so wrong to be blessed like this.

My dad learned how to be a great dad from his great dad. My mom has a great dad. My uncle is a great dad. Lot's of daddy's girls around these parts. Lots of exceptional fathers to celebrate.

if you would not have fallen
then i would not have found you
angel flying too close to the ground

and i patched up your broken wing
and hung around awhile
tried to keep your spirits up
while you were feelin down

I knew someday that you would fly away
for love's the greatest healer to be found
so leave me if you need to
I will always remember
angel flying too close to the ground

fly on, fly on past the speed of sound
i'd rather see you up
than see you down
so leave me if you need to
i will still remember
angel flying too close to the ground
To My Daddy: I love you!! You are the bestest daddy ever. Thank you for loving me and Justin. Thanks for marrying my mom. Thanks for being a big goof and making us laugh. Thanks for loving mom and showing us what love is. And thank you for having lunch with me or spending time doing nothing with me and acting like it was the best time of your life. You're my hero and I believe you (stupidly) when you tell me how pretty I am. I'm glad Luke is soooo much like you. Know that Paw Paw would be and was so proud of the man/son/father/husband you are.
- Love, Kristen and P

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