Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eighth Grade Memories

I got this from Kelli's blog. Thought it'd be fun. I promise I'll be coming back with something original soon.
1. Who was your best friend?
Lindsey Lea

2. Who did you like?
Matthew Percy was my bf in 7th and 8th grade. My first kiss

3. What sport did you play?
I was captain of the cheerleading squad and I was head of EVERYTHING else

4. Did you buy your lunch?
no, that wasn't an option. I went to a Catholic school and you ate school lunch or you brought your lunch. You made that choice at the beginning of the year and it didn't change. You could buy french fries or ice cream sandwiches for a quarter

5. It's Friday night, where were you?
At Lindsey's house driving Hollie crazy or trying to get Heather's attention or at my house waiting for my parents to go out so we could smoke cigarettes outside
Or with Lins at one of the many boy/girl parties my class had... breaking up a fight between her and Matt

6. Were you a party animal?
As much as possible in the 8th grade, in middle-class suberbia... no sex, drugs, drinking,

7. Skip school?
Not in 8th grade

8. Did you get suspended/expelled?
Never... the teachers LOVED me :)

9. Can you sing the alma mater?
I don't think there is one and I can't sing my high school one either

10. What was your favorite class?
For sure, English with Mrs Moak. I loved her and I loved her class

11. What was your schools full name?
This is so good- St. Theresa of Avila Catholic School

12. Did you go to the dances?
Ummm, the school had nothing of the sort except at 8th grade graduation. My classmates had parties with music and dancing and I went to those

13. If you could go back in time and do it all over would you?
Definitely! I met Lindsey, I was skinny, I had fun. It was rough because just a little while before we began 8th grade, my best friend, Brett, died in a car accident. I'd been friends with Brett since the day we met in Kindergarten. I thought he hung the moon- I still do. His death was the 1st horrible thing that happened to me and I'm still not over it.

14. What do you remember most about 8th grade?
I remember everything. We went through a lot together because when Brett died there was another classmate of ours in the car too. Our whole class was close so it was difficult for us. The school went from K-8 and most of us had been there that whole time. I remember meeting Lindsey ("You're my new best friend, call me every 5 minutes!") because she worshiped me!!! ;) Matt and I had the funnest relationship and he is so cute. Being a cheerleader was fun but those meanies got together and told on me because "I was too bossy"- can you even imagine???

15. Favorite memory in 8th grade?
Lots of fun on our 8th grade trip (all the way to New Orleans), all the fun with Lindsey (Beau's party, Chip's party...) LSU baseball

16. Where did you go most often for lunch?
The cafeteria. There wasn't anywhere else to go. Ditto

17. What did you do on the last day of school?
I have no idea but, we had an 8th grade graduation. We did a tribute to Brett and Brett (the other boy was named Brett, too) which was so sad because their families were there. We got our awards. I remember that I was wearing a bra that opened in the front and it opened while I was kneeling before communion!!! We were seated in alphabetical order and my friend Kyle and his parents were next to us. His mom and mine are friends and they were dying laughing at me. I was in church, trying to gather the girls together and clasp the bra back- discreetly! And Kyle is about to die because it involves boobs....

18. Did you like 8th grade?
LOVED!!! Of course, Brett's death was beyond awful. I still think of him, love him, miss him, talk about him... But, 8th grade was before things got really BAD. 8th grade was so carefree and fun.

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