Saturday, June 23, 2007

And I Cried

I'm a loser. Or I'm just really completely hormonal. Or both. This movie, Matilda, on ABC Family made me cry. And it's not at the end yet, where I'm sure the very adorable little Matilda (Mara Wilson) and poor Miss Honey will live happily-ever-after... Oh, no. I've cried because Matilda's parents are so mean to her! Matilda is so sweet! Miss Trunchbull is so horrible and violent! I really HATED when she threw (THREW) the little blond with the pigtails. And she kicked the cat. KICKED a cat. And I cried.
Now of course, fabulously intelligent Matilda and her cool assed friends (including the very endearing Lavender) are running the terrible Trunchbull out of town and that fairy tale is looking like it's coming soon. Just in case you're wondering, Danny DiVito and Rhea Pearlman star as the crazy mean parents and it's based on a book by Roald Dahl. I wouldn't necessarily let just any aged child watch this. I'm obviously not old enough or should have waited until Luke was home. Or changed the damn channel. I know I'll probably have a nightmare about that bitch Miss Trunchbull.
Is it harmones? I CRIED!!!!
Agatha Trunchbull: What are those?
Amanda Thripp: What's what Ms. Trunchbull?
Agatha Trunchbull: Hanging down by your ears,
Amanda Thripp: You mean my pig tails
Agatha Trunchbull: Are you a pig Amanda?
Amanda Thripp: NO, Ms. Trunchbull.
Agatha Trunchbull: Do I allow Pigs in my school?
Amanda Thripp: My mommy thinks they're sweet.
Agatha Trunchbull: Your Mommy is a TWIT.
Harry Wormwood: What is this trash you're reading?
Matilda: It's not trash, Daddy, It's lovely. Its called Moby Dick by Herman Melvile.
Harry Wormwood: Moby What?

*It really makes me mad when I try to FIX something on a post and it doesn't do!! I've tried to put space between the quotes and it's not working. Sometimes there's a fricking football field of space between what I'm typing and other times I can't get it to do what I want and give me a space**

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