Thursday, January 28, 2010


I keep starting a post and then getting dragged away. I also start a lot of them in my head and never come to write. I'm toying with the idea of just starting a whole new blog and putting the link here. I am not really into being "shoeaddict" anymore. I mean, I still LOVE shoes but I only wear about three different ones these days. I'll let ya'll know what I decide.

Anyway, Bunny was 3 months old on January 17 and she's growing so much. She tries to pick her head and shoulders up when she's laying down and is almost rolling over. I put her in her Bumbo for the first time this week and she really loves it. She can only sit for about 15 minutes before her head gets tired and it starts to kind of just hang there.

She is still exclusively breast fed and I love it. Leaking is the only thing that I do not love but, it's really not that big of a deal. I'm toying with the idea of breast feeding past one year but have not decided anything yet. We are also delaying solids until 6 months and I'm reading about baby led weaning. I'm an "Earth mama" according to my own mother but this is what feels right to me for our family. (Not that my mother doesn't support my choices. She does. For the most part.)

I'm trying to find some type of class for us to join. A music class or something, you know, so that she can play and meet other kids. I have the name of one type of place that I'll call soon. She has to be at least 4 months to start there and I don't think I'd start her until the summer anyway. Plus, it's more gymnastics than music and I'd prefer music. I've asked my Facebook friends to help me with finding something so hopefully that comes through.

I'm so tired and still have lots to do so, check back soon to see what I've decided to do about the blog.
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