Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Few Things...

~I really miss all my shows! I'm so glad that House and Grey's are back. I don't understand why the shows go on such big long breaks now. I'm ready for 90210 to come back too. And Glee. And Sons, of course. They won't be back for awhile.

~I have been cooking up a storm! I cooked shrimp and corn soup (with potato) on Saturday and chicken and sausage jambalaya and chicken stew yesterday. I was kinda free falling with the chicken stew. My mama makes the best one and she's not home to give me the recipe. I made a roux (and it was dark) but the stew isn't dark.

~It's king cake time! I love it. I'm not into Mardi Gras in New Orleans but, I enjoy king cake.

~I really want to revamp the blog. I'm thinking of just erasing this whole format and redoing it. I won't lie, lack of readers keeps me from going all gung-ho, posting as much as I did, etc. I guess that is wrong but, it's the truth.

~Bunny will be 3 months old Sunday. And I will be 29!
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