Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm Hanging In

I don't really know what I want for Labor Songs. I guess that doesn't really help ya'll in helping me but, it's true. I'm doing some Jewel (the less I-wanna-kill-myself stuff), Norah Jones and Allison Krauss.

I'm having a hard time sleeping lately. Well, the last two nights have been rough. I can't lay down all the way because I can't breathe and I get heartburn. My nose is stopped up all the time and it gets really bad when I lay down. My mom says that she slept in her La Z Boy chair at the end of her pregnancy with Little Brother. I'm trying to avoid that for as long as possible but, it may come sooner rather than later.

I am obsessed with Sonic drinks. I always have been (did ya'll know they sell bagged ice??) but, it's a little bit worse now. 2-4 is half priced drinks and slushes and I'm allllll about the Limeades. I've only had it with cranberry juice but I might branch out today and try strawberry or something. Any ideas? Oh! And if you buy a Limeade now, you'll get a little sicker on your cup. Peel it off and go to to vote for a teacher/class that needs help. They have little bios of different classes and what they need. You can click on your own state, too.

**I just got home from seeing the OB. I have to see her every Wednesday until birthday. Except for next Wednesday, when I see maternal fetal. I will have a biophysical profile every week from now until Baby comes. This is just to be safe and check Baby's growth and tolerance of gestation. They do this for women over 35 or that have other risk factors. I have thyroid issues.

The nurse who listened to Baby's heartbeat says that Baby has flipped again. She told me what I was feeling and where. Baby's head is in my bladder (well, I knew something was!) and bum is up in my ribs. I think that Baby kicks her feet or pushes her arms out to stretch too, which causes some discomfort. But, everything has been going so wonderfully, I hate to complain.

As of today, I have 60 days until my due date!
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