Monday, August 3, 2009


We went to the camp this weekend and it was so nice. We did a lot of nothing, watched tv, read, ate, shopped. I wanted to get some more maternity pants but, no luck on that. It looks like I'll have to order some. It's hard to find cute ones that fit me.

Yesterday, we went to the twins' birthday party. I am too lazy to link to other posts about the twins, so I'll just tell you here. They are the son and daughter of my first cousin, Robby. The twins turned one in July and the party was yesterday. They are so cute!! I took pictures but I have not uploaded (downloaded?) them yet. I also have some pregnant pics.

I'm really tired. I sleep well, when I sleep, but I don't sleep for longer than one to two hours at a time. I have to get up and pee (I still have a bladder infection) and I ache! Thankfully, Baby moves a lot, but not while I'm asleep. S/he may move then, but not enough to disturb me. Otherwise, morning and night, s/he's moving. It feels great- mostly.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant today. I cannot believe that in three months, I'll have a baby in my arms. My mom always told me that when I'm looking forward to something- vacation or the weekend-look back. If there were two weeks until vacation, she'd say, "What were we doing two weeks ago?" That showed how close (or far) that time was. I have three months until I'm due. Three months ago was the beginning of May. That was just yesterday it seems.

I'm equally so stupid excited and scared to death.
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