Thursday, August 6, 2009

French Friends

I'm in the middle of a post all about the shoes I'm wearing now (during pregnancy). I also have pictures I need to post here, too. Ones that "go" with what we've been up to but I just don't have them up yet.

On Monday, our family welcomed a family from France. We have quite a few French friends, actually. This set is a part of another bigger family that we are close to- let me break it down. My grandfather became friends with a man in France, years ago, who was a distributor of his products. That man (Mr Claude) and my grandfather became very close as they are like twins.

Mr Claude has a wife and two daughters. In about 1994, his youngest daughter, LeLe, came to stay with us. Since then, my parents and grandparents have gone to France to visit that family a few times. LeLe (who I've talked about before on the blog- I'll find the links later) is married to a man, Manu, and has a little boy, Melvil. I love her to pieces.

LeLe's older sister, Magalie, is the one who is here now. My parents and grandparents and aunt and uncle have met her before but we had not. She and her husband, Marc, and their children- Tabitha,9, and twin boys Corto (spell?) and Loup, 5, flew to Boston then here. They will leave on Sunday. We've been having all sorts of fun with them.

Monday night, my grandma cooked fish and crawfish etouffee' and bread pudding. It was so delicious. Yesterday, my uncle and aunt and family took them around town and to some museums. They seemed to enjoy it a lot. Last night, my mom cooked for them (and us). We had some great dips and other "munchies" and she served sausage and chicken gumbo for and an appetizer. We had jambalaya , white beans and cole slaw for an entree and blackberry cobbler for dessert. My SIL made some beautiful treats, too.

Today, my grandparents took them to New Orleans for a tour. I really wanted to go but, I just don't think that I can make it. The heat, the walking, etc... I hate missing things but, I have such lower back pain. Tonight we are going to have BBQ and swimming at my aunt and uncle's house. I'm not sure what the plans are after that.

I still have to tell ya'll all about the June French guests that we had- Isa, Olivier and Cupcake. I've talked about them here, too. Some links- here and here

**OMG! I used to write so much! I used to be pretty housebound and bored, too, though.
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