Saturday, July 18, 2009

Will I Be Saying "It's A Boy" and Not Mean To...

I've been in love with Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags. One of the main reasons that I love this one over all the others is I can wear it two ways. It's a tote and can be worn as a backpack. I love that. I saw that Rue La La was going to have them on sale this Friday at 10 am and I knew that was my time to buy. (Rue La La is a website that hosts different sales for different brands everyday)

Mom and I (Blue had a mandatory meeting. The first appointment he missed) went to see the perinatologist at 8 am Friday morning and were back at around 9:45. She had a quick appointment so she dropped me at Blue's office to use the computer. I was explaining to his secretary what I needed to do and why and she was all "Umm, Whatever!" She's a little older, not married, no kids.

Anyway, I got on and there were a few of the kind that I wanted but not a lot of colors to choose from. There were two brown ones with pink. There was a brown one with light blue plaid and there was this one:
I like this one a lot. I've seen it before. So, I got this one. I'm just worried a little that because of the blue it says "This is a diaper bag for a BOY baby." Does it? I don't want it to say that, especially if Baby is a GIRL baby. What do you think, honestly? I couldn't NOT buy one because the savings were something like 47% (Blue figured it out).

In other news, we saw Baby! All the necessary parts seem to be there. The tech lady even said that she briefly saw the sex organs but then Baby closed her/his thighs up and sat on her/his feet. The baby's head was down low again but we got some profile shots. We also got a weight- 1 lb 5 oz.

When the doctor came in and took a look, s/he picked up her face for him. We saw a few 3D shots of the face right on and I think s/he looks like Little Brother!! Of course, there is no fat on Baby so those pictures don't translate well. Baby just looks like an alien skeleton- but a gorgeous one!!


profile with some hand
(Baby always has that hand over/near part of her/his face)

profile into chest

A foot!
Doesn't it look like a big foot?
We went to a wedding last night and it was so nice. I did not get any pictures though. We are going to a stock-the-bar party for Little Brother and Gus in a little while and I'll try to remember to take pictures. Have a good weekend.

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