Thursday, July 23, 2009

Christmas Doctor

Do ya'll watch Ruby? I DVR everything and stuff get's watched late but I still watch. This Sunday's episode had me crying from laughing. Her doctor told her she had to go and see the gyno. Apparently she'd never ever been and she was scared to death. She calls her vagina "Christmas" because it sounds better and it's like a present.

So, her BFF Georgia makes her an appointment with what Ruby calls, "The Christmas Doctor." First she talks about it with her support group. They all talk about being embarrassed and hating it. One woman cracks me up talking about how she has to take the day off so she can bathe and get all clean. And she has to spray herself with grapefruit scent. Everyone is all, "Huh? Grapefruit?" And she says, "The scent makes you seem thinner!"

Ruby and Georgia (and another friend- a female) are finally at the doc's office. Ruby is filling out the medical history paperwork and reading the questions out loud. She gets to something about having a smell from her vagina or an itch or something. Georgia says, "And you will answer NO and not embarrass us. Even if it's yes." Oh, the way she said it- so funny! THEN, the best part, the part I backed up and watched three times- the hiney hole!

There is some kind of model in the room, of the vagina. Ruby picks it up and is asking, "What is this?" Georgia is telling her what it all is and then she says, "What's this?" "It's the hiney hole!" Well, Ruby liked to die. They are all three laughing and she says, "Georgia, now you look at me. They aren't gonna check my hiney hole are they? If they do, I'm leaving." OMG!! I was laughing so hard Blue came to check on me. (But, I'm the same way about my own hiney hole. I've already been warned that the OB will be poking around there soon...)

If you have not seen it yet, you must! It's so funny. She still drives me crazy with her voice change and her pronunciation (essited for excited, hacky for happy) but it's a good show. And, in the greatest news of the summer (maybe not, but still) my love- JEFF LEWIS will be back on Bravo on August 17th. I'm so essited!!
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