Saturday, July 25, 2009


I've picked a bedding for both a boy and a girl. The place is Polka Tot Designs where I can customize bedding for a boy and for a girl. Someone from my doctor's office can call them and they will design the one that corresponds to Baby's gender.

If you want to get an idea of what I've chosen- these are the fabrics:

GIRL (It's easier if you go to this and put in the fabrics where I say)

Bart Spring dust ruffle and cording- where the other strip is and the plain pink cording
Just Us Kids- one side of bumper pad (where the dots are)
Dotz Watermelon - other side of bumper pad (where the stripes are on the bumper pad, next to the solid middle)
Minky Strawberry- sheet and where monogram will go (not 100% sure if this is the right minky color. I'll ask when I call.)
Curly Q Strawberry- maybe blanket, at foot and head of bumper pad (this is another one that I'll have to ask about when I call) (where the paisley is)

Ok, got all that?

It's almost the exact Christopher except instead of the green and white dots, I'll do minky dots lime. Unless she can't monogram that. Then it'll be just a solid fabric in that same color.

I know that you'll be asking what names we've chosen now that we are ordering bedding with monogramming. We HAVE chosen two names, one for each sex, but will not be sharing* that info until Baby is here. Everything will be a surprise, I guess. I'm so excited to see if Baby is a boy or a girl. Now, we can use one name one day and switch it up.

Names are hard! And so is bedding!
Hard........ but fun!!

*I wrote this for my pregnancy blog and wanted ya'll to see the bedding if you wanted. I still won't be announcing Baby's name here on this blog but, not because I don't want YOU to know, of course. When the time comes, you can send me an email and I'll let you know. Baby will go by a nickname here (Baby? Cookie?).

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