Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer In the Library

I am at the library and the keyboards are weird. It's also very strange yet somewhat comforting that this place still smells the same as it did some 20 years ago. It's not just the books but something else too. I remember coming to the library as a child and really loving it. I still do, even though finding a book here is much harder now that I'm not reading Baby Sitter's Club and Sweet Valley High.

Smells always transport me back to a specific place and time. Just being here and smelling the smells reminds me of being young, summers off, escaping into a new book. I remember getting snoballs near the library- that super sweet syrupy flavor on a super hot day. The bugs would circle 'round, attracted to the sweetness. I always liked tart flavors and that hasn't changed much.

I'm looking for some books on parenting. "Happiest Baby on the Block" is one of them. I don't want to buy any of these yet in case I hate them. I made that mistake with pregnancy books. I certainly wasn't looking at books on parenting when I was here all those summers ago. Maybe I sneaked peeks at books on puberty and sex (he puts his what in my what?!),but not raising kids. I could probably get interested in the young adult books of today. Well, if my love of Gossip Girl is any indication.

I'm sure young adult books have changed significantly since I was a young adult. (I SWEAR these computers are so loud! I feel guilty for typing!) We weren't as promiscuous (well, I wasn't. Am not. whatever) or tech-savvy. We didn't have the kind of freedom expected of today's kids. Or the amount of entitlement. I'm sure not all of today's youth are like those kids on Gossip Girl but I know that they are still different than I was.

But still, the good old days are really now. Right? Because you didn't know that they were "good old days" back then but you think back on them fondly. Or you might not. I guess I'm thinking that I was always waiting for the next step- to be older, taller, have more freedoms, have more stuff, do more, etc. When happiness and life are right here and now. I had the greatest childhood I could ever ask for and that is something that I hope to give my children.

I think the key is in the smallest day-to-day stuff- trips to the library, story time, sharing supper, and snoballs in the summer.
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