Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Baby! News On the Ultrasound

My computer cord is dead. Yes, again!! This time the dog did not chew it though. It just died- natural causes or something. I'm on Blue's computer right now. I've decided to order another cord from HP (the makers of my laptop) and I don't know how long it'll be before I get another one.

We had our 19 week ultrasound with the perinatologist (maternal fetal specialist) on Monday. It was amazing. I was so super nervous going in there but everyone was so sweet and comforting. We saw Baby's legs, arms, hands, spine, stomach, bladder, heart, etc. Baby's head was down though so we could not see a face. The ultrasound lady, the doctor and I all tried to wiggle and jiggle Baby to make her/him look up or move but, no dice. Oh well, everything else looks great. We go back on July 17 for the next look.

Blue did not really like all the wiggling of Baby. It was weird to see everything moving around while Baby was in there. His or Her heartbeat did also get a little bit higher when we were doing that. I know that Baby is very protected in there, though. It's just such a beautiful miracle to see the growth- from an unrecognizable, tiny little peanut to a BABY! A 9 oz Baby (that is how much they estimated that s/he weighs). I'm so in awe and feel so incredibly blessed and lucky.

Thank you to Liza for being the only person on the blog who guessed Baby's sex. She guessed GIRL. Anyone else want to guess?

Blue and I are headed to my parents' house for dinner tonight. Some of my cousins are in town and we are going to spend time with them. I love family get-togethers! We'll be having one again on Sunday for Father's Day. I'm making a dip (spinach and artichoke), my grandmother is making brisket and potatoes (I think?), my aunt is making a vegetable and Gussie Gus is making a dessert.

Have a great weekend!
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