Monday, May 4, 2009

Post Number 980! *Updated*

Maybe I should do something fabulous for my 1,000th post. I don't know what though because I'm TERRIBLE at mailing things to people. Just ask Cess and Kelli. Sorry, ya'll. Really.

I don't know why I am. I just am. I have a ton of stuff I need to mail right now and I have not. This is why I pay bills online. Or I'd have no house. I need to go to the post office so badly but I have not been. I need stamps and a passport. I went on tax day (I'd forgotten that it was tax day) and the line was ridiculous. Plus, they weren't doing passports.

I'm 13 weeks pregnant today. And I've had cramps since last night. They are exactly like period cramps. Is that normal? I'm guessing yes. I don't know about the trimester thing, either. Some books/sites say that this is the first week of my 2nd trimester and others say that it's the last week of my first. I don't know what to believe so, I'm going just not worry about it. By next week, I'll know that I'm in my 2nd trimester.

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday, I was pissed off by a sh** comment made to me but decided to just let it go. Or try not to think about it, rather. Blue and I had a nice, lazy Saturday. We watched a couple of movies and curled up and snuggled. Yesterday I slept in because I'm having trouble sleeping at night. Then, we went to see sweet D in his little play at church. He was so adorable and great!!

Then, we all went to PF Changs. It was during the play that I started with the cramps. I thought it was because I was sitting on a bar (I was sitting in the middle of two chairs) but I guess it wasn't. At PF Changs, I ate honey chicken and pepper lemon shrimp. Oh, and some fried rice. I loved it. I want some more right now.

I'm hoping for a great week. Free of cramps and filled with sleep.

I forgot to tell you about something! While I was getting dressed, I noticed that my belly popped out last night. We were feeling my uterus down near my pubic bone but now it's up near my belly button. I have an indention (or a line?) that separates my upper belly fat (muffin top) from my lower belly fat. When I was dieting, my muffin top was smaller. Since I got pregnant, it has gotten much bigger. The bottom got bigger, too, but there was still the indention/line thing. I wish I could show you but, I like you too much.

Anyway, the indention is almost gone and I almost have one big, full belly. It is weird and achy and exciting. Kinda like pregnancy itself.
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