Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mirror, Mirror Who Is Uglier Than This?

I feel fat and ugly and yuck. I just shouldn't worry about what other pregnant girls look like, right? MY doctor told me that Baby was fine and so am I. That is the most important thing. It's not important that women who were smaller before they got pregnant don't look pregnant yet. And I look like I'm 23 weeks (or more) instead of 13.

And everyone has different hair and skin. All hair and skin react differently to the hormones and such. My baby is doing well so I shouldn't care that my hair is limp and flat and ugly. Or that my skin is itchy and pimpley and gross. It's all for Baby. Just slap on the make up and smile, smile, smile.

I shouldn't and it shouldn't but I do.

**HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Mommy!**
**CONGRATULATIONS to Baby Brother who finished classes at LSU today.**
We are going out to eat to celebrate. I hope that helps me feel better. :(
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