Friday, May 15, 2009

Jon and Kate- Get What They Give

Let's discuss some recent tv stuff, shall we?

First, I must find out how ya'll feel about all the drama surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin. Do ya'll watch the show Jon and Kate Plus 8? I watch sometimes because I can't help it. I'm interested in reality tv, other people's lives, etc. If there was a show about the people down the street with two kids and a dog, I'd probably watch. That is just me.

I think that Kate Gosselin is horrible though. I think they are both greedy people and I don't agree with them raising their children in front of cameras. I have never heard either one of the two tell the children "I love you" or anything like that. Those children are cash cows and they don't know how to behave without cameras in their faces. I think they are being exploited and I should not watch ever.

Jon Gosselin is treated very poorly by his wife. Yes, everyone fights, especially married people and having kids only makes it worse, I get that. I don't get the no respect, rude, pious act that she gives off. Having said that, Jon should not allow her to be that way- to him or the kids. She is rude to the kids. She doesn't let them just be because she is a control and neat freak.

I absolutely cannot believe that they are paid so much (reportedly between 50 and 70 THOUSAND dollars an episode) for their show and then (THEN!) they charge 15,000 dollars for "church appearances." My favorite part, they pass a collection for their family. WHAT!?!? They live in a million dollar house. With free appliances and furniture and clothes. The people who give them "love offerings" are silly and naive but they are wrong to ask for it.

Jon Gosselin claims that he and this 23-year-old teacher are just friends. I don't really buy that. Even if he's never actually "had sexual relations with that woman," it is extremely inappropriate to be that kinda friends with someone when you are married. Period. You just don't go out at night with someone of the opposite sex and leave your spouse at home (or at the spa.) Does Kate deserve that because she is a shrew with horrible, ridiculous hair? Maybe, but I don't condone cheating.

Kate Gosselin tells magazines and tv hosts alike that she wishes her family had some privacy. That is bulls**t and she knows it! Why would you drag your large family on tv, bring cameras into your home, discuss everything in the world under the sun with the public and then expect for people to turn a blind eye on what you want them to not see? She potty trained the poor kids on tv. There are cameras in their faces when they are trying to have a meltdown or pick their nose- how does it feel, mommy and daddy?

It's not even like these two are actors or singers who want to do a creative job but hate the celebrity. These people signed up for cameras in their home and discussing their lives. How can you possibly be surprised that what you are doing in that life is coming out in public. The same magazines and news shows that covered your "renewing of vows" because you'll always be together are now just telling what's happening now. You can't have your cake and eat it too. That is a lesson they should get used to now.

I was going to talk about some other stuff but this got longer than I thought. Let's just deal with this today.

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