Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Revisiting- Books!

I have not discussed this in so long! BOOKS!!

When we moved, I got a little bit out of reading SO much. I used to have a "thing" with reading and smoking in our bathroom at the old house. I stopped smoking and moved and so, I don't know. It sounds weird but reading was kind of "wrapped up" with smoking for me.

I've recently gotten back into the groove of reading and I am so glad. I started reading Rhett Butler's People and I didn't get very far. I will pick it up again later. I am a HUGE, HUGE Gone with the Wind (link to book and movie)fan. HUGE. I don't know if this book is going to piss me off or add to my love for Rhett and Scarlet. I'll get back to it when I'm finished with the others that I have.

The last book I read (all the way through) is This Charming Man by Marian Keys. I love her and have read all of her books (I think). This one is very good but took me awhile to get into. It's told in different women's perspectives and one girl is writing in her journal. She writes in a kind of "shorthand" I guess you could say and it's annoying. It was very long which I like in a book- if it's good. If you read it, let me know.

The book that I am reading right now is Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner. I have also read all of her books and really, really love them all. This book is a sequel to her hit book Good in Bed. That book ended with the main character, Cannie Shapiro, having a baby girl, Joy. This book takes place when Joy is 13 and changing in her own life. It's told in both Joy and Cannie's voices. I like it a lot and recommend all of Jennifer Weiner's books.

I also have these books waiting:

What are you reading? What have you read lately?

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