Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can I Just Say...

:: I am seriously aggravated when a DVR'ed show gets cut off at the end.
:: I love the show Ruby and I have seen every episode. BUT- her freakin VOICE. It's not the accent, obviously. It's when she she goes into her head voice and she gets all high and squeaky. If you watch it, you know what I'm saying. Also, she says "ezactly" for exactly, "ezist" for exist, etc.
:: Sometimes being a girl, a woman, is absolutely amazing. Today, it is not. Let's just say that a visitor is here this week. An unwelcome, mean, messy, crampy Aunt Flo kinda visitor.
:: I'm just loving this. I ate some again last night. And don't forget to keep checking Can You Eat This? everyday for new recipes.
:: Little Brother and Gus are getting married in a little over 5 months! I'm so excited. This spring is gonna be so busy.
:: I wanna go on a little trip. Nothing big- just a weekend or something. In a few weeks, Blue and I will be going to stay with the cousin-kiddos. Mom and Daddy, uncle and aunt (the kiddos parents), grandparents- they are all going on a cruise. I'm jealous! I'll be playing "mommy" for my birthday.
:: Blue has already gotten me some of these for my birthday. I HIGHLY recommend them. Gussy (and little bro) got me one for Christmas and I LOVE it.
:: I also want this or this. And this place is having a SALE!

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