Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Picture Day

Dad and I went to BestBUy and bought one of those memory card thingys. You take the card out of the camera and stick it into thingy, plug the thingy into the computer and voila! I can get my pictures on the screen. So, here are just a few of the pics I've taken in the past few months. They are in backwards order, of course, from the way I wanted them. The most recent ones are first going back to October.
Last Thursday- my footprints and the front/side of our house covered in snow! My poor plants.

Little bro at Buffalo Wild Wings for the LSU vs Ole Miss game

Little Bro and Gus with some crazy guy at Blue Dog Cafe.
No, really, that's Christopher. He's a family friend.

He made this duck appetizer for us.

Me! The day I got my hair cut off.
It looks like this again.
At the tailgate, beer pong
and bad house guests

the blowup tv

M-2 at the DHS high school football game.
Just got her braces off in this picture.
Isn't she gorgeous?

My plant, kitchen sink and window.
I LOVE that window!
I have not killed the plant yet either which is a miracle.
Look at these ya-hoos!
That is our couch!! YAY :)

Our entertainment center, big tv, and the hallway (fireplace on other side)
Also, Blue's guitar case which doesn't go there

Me and Layla
on the couch
before I lost weight and cut my hair
Also, I was mid-blink. Don't I look drunk?
I'm not.
I have Christmas party pics, too. If you're not bored to death from pictures now. I'll let these sit for awhile.

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