Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas From The Family

I'm super dizzy and I can't lay down so, I'm sitting up in my chair. I'm watching this movie/documentary on USA called The Great American Christmas. If you get a chance- watch it! It follows six different families (or people, groups, whatever) in the few days leading up to Christmas. It's fascinating.

NATE & MICHELE- Nate is a speed skater who is preparing to race for a spot on the Olympic team. He and Michele just bought a house (in Park City) and they are hosting her parents for the holiday. OH GOOD LORD- Michele's mom is so annoying!

The SAWYERS- Cheryll and her family in Chicago are having a HUGE Christmas Eve. She has a teenage daughter and a five year old son and for the first time since she's been married, she is hosting both her side of the family and her in-laws for C.E. They are expecting about 100 people in their house that night. This lady! Her huge buffet collapses in the middle of the prayer. Food goes everywhere. It's not funny (but, you know, it is).

REPO & ANI- It's Repo's first Christmas out of jail. He's trying to give his family a good holiday with him. He wants to show them that he has changed. They are sweet.

The SCHULLERS- This family lives in Laguna Beach. The dad is a Reverend at The Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA where they put on a huge Christmas pageant, "The Glory of Christmas." The Reverend's wife, Donna, is very worried about what to buy her children- a teenaged boy and girl. On Christmas Day, when they are opening gifts, the daughter makes fun of a purse the mom bought her. To the mom. Yeah, veeeerrrrrry nice.

SHANE- He's driving 3,000 miles, from NYC to LA, to move in with his girlfriend. He's on a deadline because he's been putting off the move and she has told him, "by Christmas or else." So, he's driving and he meets people.

TED & DREW- My favs. Ted and Drew are a nice gay couple living in LA. Ted is bringing Drew home to meet his Southern Baptist family in Illinois (I think). Ted's family has never really accepted him and so he's never brought a boy home. -ok. This was THE best family to watch. From the get-go, when Ted's mom (in her bright red holiday cardigan and matching earrings!) and step-dad pick the guys up at the airport ("Do you guys want to go get something to eat? I got some chicken wings fried, the grease is blotted off, just for you, Ted. Or we could go to Steak & Shake, if that's what you want!") to when they say the prayer over the meal and do "Yay God!" Ted's dad isn't speaking to him and his brother, Bobby, doesn't want to meet Drew. Ted is very upset about this. It's sad. Bobby eventually comes around but acts like an a*s most of the time. I understand not wanting your kid to be gay. I understand not believing in it. I understand being disappointed. I just DO NOT understand treating your own child, brother, family like that. And he wants them to like him so much.

The show is narrated by Howie Mandel. He talks (a little tongue-in-cheek) about what Christmas means to each family/person and what each person wants from Christmas. What about you? What does Christmas mean to you?

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