Monday, November 3, 2008

Shoeaddict Asks

Will you VOTE tomorrow?
Have you VOTED?
I've tried to not discuss the election here. That doesn't mean I don't have an opinion. Of course, you knew that I'm sure. It shouldn't be any surprise that I'm voting for McCain. I am not a huge fan of his. My vote is mostly AGAINST Obama. I disagree with 98% of everything that comes out of his mouth.

I am not against helping people. Although, I've been told that "all Republicans (Conservatives)" are selfish and greedy and don't want to help people.
I'm not against helping the environment.
I'm not for killing animals FOR SPORT.
I'm not rich.
I'm not selfish.
I'm not born-again anything nor have I ever thumped (or beaten?) my Bible.

I do believe that we, as adults, are (or SHOULD BE) held responsible for ourselves and our own dependants. Let's just say that you, me, Blue, A, B,C,and D all get dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Or we are on Survivor or something, 'k? You, B, and D go out alllllll the long, hot day and work very hard- hunting, gathering nuts and berries, chopping down wood for a fire, building a shelter, etc... A,C and I are healthy and just as capable as you, B and D but we didn't go out and do work. We didn't cook, we didn't help, nothing. Let's say that Blue has a disability of some kind, just for the sake of this little story. Now, should "the government" come in and tell us that no matter who did the work/gathering, etc, everybody gets to have "equal" everything? Is that the way it should be? No problem feeding and sheltering Blue but umm, a little problem with just giving it all over to the others.

I know that maybe I'll get blasted for this. It's not that cut and dried for some people or whatever but that is how I see it. That is also just one aspect of the election, of course.

I do believe that some animals are meant to be food. I believe that God gives us food and resources to live. There is a chain of command. I have a dog and I LOVE her so much. I'd never hurt or eat her, of course. However, she is a dog. People are more important. If we have a baby and she bites my child, I will choose my child. Proudly.

I believe in LESS government. I don't think that the government should be able to come in and tell me what to do with my: money, family, life....

I am pro-life. I read a post on someone's blog today that I need to process. It was so eloquent and really made me think.

I'm having a very hard time with some decisions though. Gay marriage is not cut and dried to me. I don't believe that people "choose" to be gay. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy. I don't understand why God would make someone gay and then punish them for it. I have not gotten an answer for this question that I am comfortable with. If I lived in one of the states voting on gay marriage, I think I'm OK with it.

And if you are still reading (and are still my friend),
awesome post could've been written by me. It's exactly what I believe (except I NEVER considered Obama. Ron Paul, Oh YES! & I didn't finish college-yet) but written SO MUCH better than this was.
P.S. I decided to come back and write something else that has really bothered me. I kinda eluded to it in the beginning of my post. I also really don't believe in being grossly mean or hateful to people who you disagree with politically. I can think of about three people who comment here regularly that are supporters of Obama. I still am friends with them. I still would welcome them into my home.
I can't stand to hear mean, hurtful (sexist) things about Gov Palin. The worse things I've heard- from women! WHAT!?!?! And being mean about people's children- really disgusting.

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