Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Future Voter!

School was out today so that we could vote. Our friend's little boy came and hung out with me while I went running my errands and doing my thang. He even got to come and vote with me. He told me about how he and his friends had voted in school last week and how voting is very important. On the way to vote, he told me who he voted for and he wanted to know who we were gonna vote for. I told him that we were voting for John McCain but that people's choices were private. I told him that we didn't mind telling him who we were voting for because we were friends but that it's not polite to ask people that question. He was thrilled with this. He liked the whole secret and "grown up" aspect.

He loved watching the people reading the information outside the poll. He basked in the attention he got from all the elderly ladies that got me all signed in and into the booth. The best part for him though was when I let him push the "cast vote" button at the end. He told everyone everywhere we went that he did that. He did say VERY LOUDLY, "Did you vote for John McCain," after we got behind the curtain. I guess he thought that was pretty private!

I remember my daddy taking my brother and me with him to vote. He always taught us that it was an honor and a blessing. I loved going with my dad to vote as a child. I hope this little boy will remember voting with me today.

Well, and I did buy him candy to help the memory.

Also, for your enjoyment, a little Georgia Bulldog and a Little Red Riding Hood, AKA Blue's cousins in GA.

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