Sunday, August 24, 2008

Iko Iko

We had a really good time this weekend. We ate great food and stayed in a great hotel. Friday night, we ate at Palace Cafe on Canal Street. It's in a gorgeous building with wonderful service and great food. I had the Shrimp Tchefuncte and so did Shannon. It was so incredible. We eat all over and this was top five, for sure, if not higher. We also had bananas foster and white chocolate bread pudding. I have pictures but I don't have the cord so, I'll have to download later.

Saturday morning we went to the jewelry show. Justin and dad lasted no time. They separated from us right away and before we knew it, they were calling to tell us that they were leaving. I don't know what they thought it was going to have that they wanted? There were a lot of people there. The doors opened at 10, but by 12:30 or so, it had thinned out.

Mom, Shannon and I walked through the entire thing. I bought a great little black and white canvas bag that I am going to get monogrammed. I thought I bought a big stone plate with our last initial on it but when I went back to pick it up, they didn't have it. I was upset. Oh well, we are going back in November. I also bought some of these and some earrings and a necklace. Oh, and some sunglasses. Mom bought us some weird type of hair removal exfoliator pads. They are weird and time consuming but they work. We had a lot of fun together.

The hotel was great. It was nice having a biiiiig, huge king sized bed to sleep in all by myself. Poor Luke had to work this weekend so, I had my room all to myself. It was nice. The bathroom was extra big, bigger than either of the others. I took extra long showers each night using the wonderful smelling soaps and shampoos. Then, I curled myself up in the fluffy white towels. How nice would it be to stay there for an extended period of time (with Luke)? Very! But, all good things must come to an end.

Saturday night we ate at Bourban House on Bourban Street. It was really pretty, too. I enjoyed the food and my cocktail(s) there. I had the seafood platter and drank the Belle Nuit. It was champagne and pomegranate liqueur and it was so delicious. After dinner, we rode the street car down St Charles Avenue from Canal Street. It was a perfect night for it, a light breeze not too hot. St Charles has some really beautiful houses on it. I've ridden the street car many, many times but Shannon had never done it and it was really nice.

This morning, we went to the Jazz Brunch at The Court of Two Sisters. It's a famous restaurant and we'd never been. I enjoyed it today. When we left, it was drizzling a little so we tried to get a cab and couldn't. No cab wanted to pick us up! They were fighting over who would get off there asses and drive! What is up with that? No one wanted to work. We walked back to the hotel and got the bags. Then, we packed them and us in the car and headed west.

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