Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Beginning

Luke, Layla and I went outside to check and make sure everything is picked up and put away. The winds are expected to be very fast and strong and flying debris can be dangerous. I'd be so embarrassed to die from the BBQ pit hitting me in the head. Of course, Lay didn't get the memo that I'm not playing around and she ran over to the neighbors house and didn't want to come home. While I went to pick her up, she took a mega dump in their yard. They are gone, I think, for the storm. It'll blow away surely.

The three of us stood on the porch and looked out at the sky. It's definitely changing. Luke pointed out the scary looking mass of grey clouds and I got teary eyed. Then, I saw it, the first bolts of lightning over beyond Mr D's house. I'm hearing the distant rolls of thunder, too. The rain and wind are sure to follow. This is it, guys. The beginning of Gustav has landed.


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