Monday, June 30, 2008

I've Gone Off My Diet Too

So, I have MAV for a few more days. This "parenting" a nine year old girl is pretty new to me. I am so not used to the behaviors of some children today. I'm also not as familiar with this age as I am with a bit younger ages. Plus, she is being raised a lot different than I was raised or would raise her. Here are some of the issues we're (I'm?) having:

I know that it's mostly me and my problem. I don't yell. I speak sternly and directly and if something continues, we have a discussion. She is very, very mature for her age and is adorable when talking about things. I know that lots of things that she does that irritate me are not her fault and so I try to be patient. I don't know how much this has to do with her parentage (or who she is with and around) or personality. I also don't know if some of this would be easier for me to deal with if she were my child. I feel like a bitch when I get stern and correct her too much. I want to be fun Nanny, but not be walked all over and have her misbehave. If she were our child I could correct her as I see fit.

And Luke. Luke is infinatly more patient with her than I am or than he is with me. He is really fantastic with kids and that is the 100% truth. He's like a Pied Piper with them, they all love him so much. MAV and Luke have always been like this, since she was born. She has a nickname for him, they hold hands, play with the ball, watch movies. She helped in the yard yesterday while I cooked in the kitchen. I looked out my window at the two of them together and it was adorable. It was a little glimpse at my future.

my dreams all come true standing side by side in the yard

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