Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fashion Buzz

This edition of Fashion Buzz is not going to be as comprehesive as others are/will be because I have all these pictures that I need to post, but it's been a few days. I don't have all the info and I am not in the mood to search right now. Let's just discuss the fashion as is, 'k? Oh, I still have not gotten the vacation pictures off of my camera. I will be doing that sometime soon.

Lindsay Lohan at the D&G store and I'm guessing in D&G. I like the shoes a lot. The dress is not so bad if it were longer. Her hair should be neater or better done. I DO NOT like it blonde at all.

Angie Harmon is so adorable.I love her voice. Here she is at the Chanel store opening. I love this dress so much. She looks gorgeous. I think she wears clothes so well.
Gwen Stefani on the street. She is about 8 months pregnant with her second child. I think she looks great. I've seen about three or four pictures of her in the past few days and she looks beautiful, happy and healthy. She dresses really great. I know that she and hubby Gavin just had a 2nd birthday party for baby boy, Kingston James. I love that name Kingston. I can't wait until the new baby is born.
Oh, Pammy, Pammy, Pammy... What is this? You can see her nipple. I kinda like the shoes though. And her legs are nice. I wish I had those legs. I actually think that Pam is sweet. I have seen her on interviews and used to read a column she did every month for Jane magazine. This outfit is not good. Neither are all of the marriages.

Diane Krugar. I like the dress. I don't like the hair. I guess it "goes" with the dress, but I never like this 'do. She is dating Joshua Jackson.

Michelle Williams in a vintage dress in Cannes. I think this dress is so sweet. I like her a lot, lot, lot. She has a vulnerable look about her which is really good for an actress. She was brilliant in Brokeback Mountain.
Emmanuel Chriqui plays Sloane on one of my fav shows Entourage. Man I miss that show. Here she is at her new movie premiere. I love the entire look. I think she's stunning. Her last name is pronounced tricky.
Lady in red, Kelly Rutherford, aka, Lily on GG. Wowza cleavage! I'm not sure about the whole look. I like her and think she is very pretty. I enjoy watching her and seeing what she wears on G.G. but this is weird. Is it the way she is standing, maybe? I think so. Her son is named Hermes, isn't that awful?
*Pictures From: I'm Not Obssesed.com, Dlisted.com, & InStyle.com

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