Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I got this from Lys. I'm in the mood for a meme so here I go.

*Maybe I should... save money

*I love the smell of... gardenias, suntan lotion (coconut), Luke's neck

*People would say that I... am loud and funny

* I don’t understand why... I cannot sleep like a normal human

*When I wake up in the morning... I must.Drink. Something.

*I lost my will power to... stay away from a little bit of chocolate everyday.

*Life is wonderful with... my Blue and Layla.

*My past made me... less trustful of people.

*I get annoyed when... people try to walk all over me.

*Parties are not... usually my thing.

*Dogs are... cute but a lot of work.

*Cats... evil.

*Tomorrow I am going to... go to two doctors- the ENT (for my ears) and the dermatologist.

*I have a low tolerance for... alcohol and stupidity.

*I fear... clowns.

*I wonder why I thought my life would be... ummmm, different.

*Never in my life... do I think you should say never.

*High school is something that... I think of with very mixed emotions. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

* When I'm nervous... my stomach is in knots, I pick at my fingernails, I have to move, I can't sleep.

*Take my advice... if you love someone, tell them.

*Making my bed is... not really a priority.

*I'm almost always... praying.

*I'm addicted to... shopping, going to the For Sale By Owner web site, and probably carbs, too.

*I want someone... to wave a magic wand and give me beautiful, perfect skin and make me a size 6.

OK - if you are reading and want to do this, let me know in the comments!


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