Monday, January 28, 2008

SAG Awards

I love the award shows. The SAG Awards are a particular favorite. I'm so jealous because I want to be an actor. I'd love to have my SAG card and be a working actress. I don't want to be a "celebrity." I want to ACT. I have never acted in front of a camera really. I LOVE being on stage, though. *sigh* Life works the way it is supposed to, I guess.

Here are some of the dresses (and suits) from the show last night. Most people did so well. There were no huge mistakes. I thought some people looked AMAZING though. It was beautiful.

Michelle Pfeiffer. It's unfair that she has been so beautiful for so so so long, right. Remember Grease 2? I wanna COOOOOOOL RIDER, a COOl, COOL, COOL, COOL, RIDER! A C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R! Ok, Ok, sorry. Michelle Pfeiffer is in the nominated Hairspray cast. She is wearing a taupe Versace dress, Louboutain pumps, Neil Lane jewels, and Lambertson Truex crocodile clutch. Her hair and makeup are gorgeous. She's lovely.
Tina Fey is the woman I would love to be. She is a writer, actor, mother. She is hilarious, adorable and talented. Last night, she won Best Actress in a Comedy Series. She looks so good in this Philosophy de Alberta Ferretti cocktail dress, Daniel Swarovski clutch and Lorraine Schwartz bangles (which I love).
Oh, Marion Cotilliard! I love, love, love her. She was nominated for Best Actress in a Movie for La Vie en Rose (winner was Julie Christie for Away From Her). I think she looks absolutely brilliant in this pale grey Nina Ricci gown. Her face is pretty and strong enough to carry off that hairstyle. I love the entire look. One of my favorites.
Rebecca Gayheart is the wife of Eric Dane, McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy. I have loved her since she was on Beverly Hills, 90210 as Antonia (Toni), Dylan's wife who gets killed by accident. Remember? I think she brings the '80s back here (in a good way) in her red Marchesa gown and H. Stern earrings.
How gorgeous is this couple? Prettier than Angelina and Brad! Her hair and makeup look fabulous and he is beautiful.
Angelina Jolie was nominated as Best Actress for A Mighty Heart. Speculation that she's pregnant is running rampant after she appeared in this flowing patterned vintage Hermes. I'm glad she isn't wearing her usual plain black dress. The photographer behind the couple looks very impressed.
The Samantha Who? star was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Christina Applegate wears Ellie Saab and Neil Lane jewels. I love her! She is a "big damn deal." She is really funny and the show is great. I love her in this dress, too. Blondes in silver... awesome.
Kate Hudson presented with my boyfriend, Matthew Mc (who looked SUPER gorgeous with his short hair and black on black outfit. Looking for a picture...), and her co-star in Fool's Gold. She is so incredibly beautiful and I love her style. It's a little like mine- kinda bohemian/glam. This is an empire waist Balman gown. It's not my favorite but, it's cute. I like it because it's different. Her hair- no. I don't like the front/bang area. But, I love her.

Kyra Sedgewick looked very young in this L'Wren Scott dress and Fred Leighton diamonds. I love the show The Closer and I like her in it but, she comes off as flakey in interviews. She was nominated for Best Actress in a Drama Series (won by Edie Falco for The Sopranos).
A young Hollywood girl who dresses beautifully and stays out of trouble. How refreshing. Amanda Bines is wearing Marchesa. She was nominated, along with the rest of the cast, for Best Cast in a Movie for Hairspray.
How great does America Ferrera look? I love this Monique Lhuillier lace gown. She was nominated for Best Actress in a comedy series. This was one of my most favorite looks of the night.
Yeah, this one was supposed to be up there with the other couples but, OH WELL! All such gorgeous couples, too. Kate Beckinsale's dress and jewels look good but, I do not like the gaunt face with the major color on the cheeks. She could eat. The dress, a Luisa Beccaria, needs to be filled. I know, I know, everyone on here needs to eat. For some reason, she looks extra skinny. Her husband, director Len Wiseman, is a cutie. What about his open shirt-no tie look?
Debra Messing is HUGE favorite of mine. Lindsey says that "Grace" is a lot like me and it's not far from the truth. I love Debra for her ability to be really funny no matter what it takes. She throws herself into the comedy, the moment, without censoring her body or face. She throws herself into the role and does the big ugly cry, the throw-your-head-back laugh, the butt-of-the-jokes, or the beauty. This dress was so much better on tv. I bet it was even better in person. It's an Oscar de la Renta. I love the whole look- hair, makeup, dress, jewelry.

For a list of the winners go here.

Let me say that I think The Sopranos was a great show and blah,blah,blah... but, good GOD! I am so.freaking.glad this is the last award season they are eligible for. I thought last year was but, oh no!! I'm so so so so sick of them. Sick of the "goodbyes" and sick of the "awards" sick to death of them. It's OVER.

Also, why wasn't Matthew Fox nominated for an Emmy, SAG, Golden Globe? His performance in the S3 finale was award worthy. The show as a whole not nominated? What is that? It's better than Grey's Anatomy was this past season and last. I don't understand that.

P.S. My boyfriend in Georgia (not to be confused with Matthew Mc) and his wife (pesky thing!) had thier first baby! Walter Chandler Lee, Jr or Walt as he will be known. Awwwww.

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