Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Fs, the Game, and Such

I'm doing my Christmas cards (CCs). I have almost 100 people on my list and I'm on the F's. I actually am not as organized as I usually am. I usually take my address book, go through it and write down all the addresses out of it of people who get CCs. Then, I think of all the new people who need to be added. I'm working straight outta the book today. The newbies will have to be added at the end. I also am usually good at adding people to the addy book as I get their info but, the book has been MIA for awhile.

It's 6:17 pm and I feel like I just woke up but also so tired. I don't know how to explain it. It seems like day has flown by yet I've done really nothing. LSU is making me crazy but, what's new? It's 14-13, TN. TOUCHDOWN LSU!! T I G E R S TIGERS! YAY!! 21-14, LSU in the 4th. OK, let's just keep it that way.
Can we also talk Louisiana weather? I don't know what's going on in your hometown but, goodness, gracious, saints alive! It's freaking ridiculous in this house. I'm fiddlin with the damn thermostat every single hour it seems. Hot, cold, hot, cold.... It doesn't help that I live in a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery old shack house. There is no good insulation so it's often colder in here than outside.

Yesterday, I went to Wally World to get some food and the CCs. It was insane to be in the Garden Center, surrounded by all the pretty Christmas stuff, in my tee shirt. The doors were open and it was hot. There was a little girl in pink shorts holding a big candy cane! Such is life in S. LA.

So, a bit of Shoeaddict trivia: I'm allergic to trees, especially when they are in the house! When I was little, my mom had to dress me in long-sleeved shirts and pants to play in the grass. I thought I'd grown out of it, maybe I had but, when I lived in GA, it came back. I was really sick and my MIL thought it was her tree. Long story short, it was. Bottom line, I don't have a real tree. My mom doesn't either (she did when we were growing up). Luke is a MAY-JOR bah-humbug Scrooge. He hates decorations, lights, etc. He says that none of this was around when Jesus was born. He's right, of course but, he's also a big 'ole pain. My house is not big enough for a big tree. I do have a tiny one, though. I just saw this one on Wally World's web site. I think it's cool. I saw a pink one on someone's website. I only saw this one, a white one (loved) and a turquoise one on the site.
I also saw this cute wreath. I LOVE anything personalized and I always have. If I can put my name or initials on it- love it! I also love snowmen. Probably because I've had such limited exposure to snow. My CCs have snowmen (all different) and the others have wreaths. BTW, that's not our last name but, we can pretend. Shoeaddict Thornton.
I also bought 4 rolls of wrapping paper. I love it. I can't find the paper online and I have no camera. I have a camera phone but have no idea how to transfer pictures. It's 2 rolls of white paper with black trees. I bought red ribbon for that. I have no idea how to tie a pretty bow but maybe there's a step-by-step online??? The other 2 rolls are kitchy retro-looking with a light green diamond pattern. I bought a hot pink ribbon to go with that. Another "Thornton" family secret- Luke is a great gift wrapper.

And LSU just won the SEC Championship!!! YAY! :) I'm glad for the Seniors, especially Jacob Hestor because I heart him. Man, this season was emotional. That's what it's all about though. I love it. OK, I gotta go now. Got more laundry to do...

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