Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shoeaddict's Buzz

It's a pretty slow news day in the celeb world. Everyone is all in a-twitter about Britney. I am wondering if she does these things on purpose? Maybe she can't take the kids and self-destructs? I just hope she gets some help!! JESSICA SIMPSON looks so cute here arriving at the airport. She looks good most of the time, in my opinion. Of course she has her "off days" but, I think she's beautiful and has a great style.
CLAIRE DANES, 28, has said that she has been in therapy for 22 years. She says that she began at age 6 when her parents discovered she was afraid of her imaginary friends. Look, I'm not trying to be mean but, WTH? That just seems whack to me. Not the imaginary friends part because I had TONS of those (it's a sign of creativity) but I loved them and they loved me! I had imaginary boyfriends, too. Some of my imaginary friends: Don Becky, Boy Jatta and Girl Jatta. I was very young-before Kindergarten. Justin had 2- Mildrick and LaLa. My goddaughter had one, Pokey. He was a black ex-police officer. Hers was hilarious!

There are lots of rumors about the state of GWYNETH PALTROW and CHRIS MARTIN's marriage. Are they on the rocks? They are never together and don't like to talk about the other one. They have always been very close-mouthed about their private lives but lately it is worse. Last week, CHRIS' uncle died and he went to the funeral alone. Then he was seen sleeping on the dock of a ferry. He was reported to be very close to this uncle and was very upset. Strange that his wife and children were not with him. Then, GWYNETH is seen (above-she looks awful!) out with BFF STELLA MCCARTNEY but no hubby. She needs to do something else with her hair. And what is with the pantyhose?
Above and below are pictures of GWYNETH and CHRIS' children, APPLE, 3, and MOSES, 19-month-old (with the nanny and an "unidentified male"). Doesn't APPLE look just like CHRIS?

REBECCA ROMIJN appeared on The Late Show with Dave Letterman last night. She arrived outside the Ed Sullivan theatre wearing this. Do you like? Did you see her on Dave?
Here is Bree Tierney, the ex-fiancee' of Riley Giles, LINDSEY LOHAN's new boyfriend. She told some mags, including The Enquirer (am I supposed to underline), that she and Riley have been living together for three years and she's been with him through lots of good times and bad. Bree also says that she met LINDSEY several times at the rehab center while visiting Riley. Plus, she said he gave her a CZ engagement ring. Why would she even want him back?

NICK NOLTE, 66, and girlfriend CLYTIE LANE, 39, welcomed a daughter on October 2. Her name is SHANTI. She was born at the couples' home with the help of three chanting midwives. Clytie is a Pilates instructor. Let me tell you, Luke would die if I told him I wanted to give birth at home.

EVA LONGORIA at a fashion event by Vogue in Mexico on 10/17. What do you think of the look? Her hair is cute. Love the color on her and the necklace is great. I don't know who the designer is, though...

ASHLEY OLSEN with my main man CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. He had some kind of big 'ole party last night in Hollywood. And didn't invite me... I would've at least smiled (BIG!!) while taking a picture with him and I'm a fun girl.
LIONEL RICHIE, the father of pregnant NICOLE RICHIE, is apparently buying his little girl a house in a gated community so she and the baby will be safe. As of now, NIC lives with her baby daddy, JOEL MADDEN, in Glendale. Well, I should get pregnant! Maybe daddy will buy us a house so we'll be safe!! Look how comfy that pillow looks. I'm loving the shoes but not with that outfit and I don't like the sunglasses.
Big news... Carmen Electra got bangs.
See ya on the flip side.
Much Love,

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