Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shoeaddict Shows and Tells

I decided to do a big huge fashion post. I'm gonna tell you who is pictured and what I think about what they are wearing. I wanna know what you think.
Sharon Stone at a Gala dinner in Monaco, October 10
I think her hair/make up/jewelry looks really good. The top picture is beautiful. I'm not sure about the bottom of the dress, the way it goes into the poof.
Kelly Osbourne out on the town.
I love the coat/hair/lips. People are so hard on her and I think she's funny and unique.

Victoria Beckham at a photo shoot in France.

Poshy seems to be missing her bra! i love her hair and she has killer legs. Plus, I'm BIG on lipstick (which is very "in" right now) so I love that, too.

Rebecca Geyheart at the Monique Lhuillier Salon opening in L.A., October 10

She has been one of my favorites for forever, style wise. I think (know, maybe?) it's because of her curls. Remember when she played Antonia on Beverly Hills, 90210, married Dylan (Luke Perry- my LOVE) then was murdered? I had a big 'ole girl crush on her. Anyway, she is beautiful. This dress is GORGEOUS on her; perfect length, a real slit in the bodice with lace and great shoes! Her face is perfection, too. I'm gushing...

Reese Witherspoon at the premier of "Rendition"

She is classy. She always looks stunning but pretty safe and conservative.

Amy Whinehouse

What is fashion without Amy Wino? She is gross!! Now she just got her bangs all bleached- CAH LASS EE

Alicia Silverstone out and about

Love the jewelry, kinda chest-y, would love to see her with some low lights to add some depth

Cindy Crawford

She is still so beautiful. Love this look.

Eva Mendes

I'm not feeling this dress at all. And that bag is not right with that outfit.

Kanye West in concert.
I absolutely cannot stand him. At all!! He is cocky and arrogant. I also think he is not attractive AT ALL!! I'm not feeling the necklace. The color is good on him, though.

Natalie Portman at the Jewish TV Network Vision Awards (who knew?)
Great hair and fresh makeup, dress is an awkward length for her height. I like the neckline.

Britney Spears (I think these pictures were taken yesterday).

The picture of her head gives me the willies. Really. Her poor head! She could just wear her natural hair- she's not bald anymore. I bet if she put some nice conditioner in it (the real hair), it would be cute. That dress DOES NOT FIT. That is not a keyhole in the front. It won't button. That cracks me up. Her mom is here. There is no excuse for that! My mama would tackle me and threaten me and rip that dress off of me. Right?

Mena Suvari

You cannot really tell in this picture (and I'm not going back) but, her shawl is that really open crochet. It's not very cute with this outfit. The shoes are good. Her hair is terrible. I'm not opposed to short hair, even short, short hair but not the man-GI Joe-look.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the Sex and the City movie set.

Just NO on the clothes- all of them. Love the hair. Does anyone else think she has a horse face?

So, what do y'all think?

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