Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Praying For... UPDATED (11:38PM);AGAIN on 9/19 @ 6:18

My Cousin Donna- Donna is a 33 year old who had a double bypass as a result of severe juvenile diabetes. She is in the hospital. She went in with a UTI, calcium & magnesium deficiency. Now, they think her kidney is not functioning. That was the last I heard, yesterday at around 5 pm. Please keep her and my Aunt Georgia in your prayers.
Updated- My grandma told me that Donna had a biopsy and it was inconclusive so the doctors are doing more tests.

My cousin Amber- This story is more than I want to reveal but, she is young and needs guidance and prayer.

My sweet Sarah- I've said before that, Sarah C., who comments here everyday, is a great friend of mine. We met our Freshman year in high school. She's a great girl. I love her to pieces. She sent me this today- I have a prayer request. ME!! I have been having "night terrors." At least, that's what I think they are. They are more prevalent in children, but adults can also have them as a result of stress. I wake up screaming in the night, and have no idea. Sometimes the whole thing doesn't even wake me up. I have my fiance and little dog completely weirded out. Stop stressing Sarah! I'm looking up "night terrors to see what they are all about!

Kate- She asked me to pray for her.
Mrs Anne- Mrs Ann worked with my mom when I was little so, I've known her FOREVER. I know she reads but, she's what the blogging world calls a "lurker"- she doesn't make herself known! So, hey Mrs Ann, I know you're there!! Anyway, Mrs Ann's dad died this weekend so, I'm praying for her and her family (she has 3 boys).
Baby Gage- He is sick with "something"- hives or the chicken pox. It's as of yet unkown. Poor mama is NOT happy!
Update- Gage had hives and is feeling better.
Me- I've been having a rough evening. Thanks for all of you who have said you would pray. Naomi, Rach, A (I just messeged you), Diann (my prayer partner), everyone.
Mrs Joanie's family- We are praying for Mrs. J and her whole family.
As always, I ask- Who is praying with me?
**Don't forget to send me your prayer requests!**

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