Friday, September 21, 2007

New Shows- Watchin or Passin?

A few shows premiered this week and I watched some of them and I'd love to discuss. Shall we? Let's!

K-Ville- I watched it. Eh! I knew I was gonna have a problem with it, though because of my "issues" with the political media and Katrina/New Orleans, etc... I doubt that makes sense and I'm sorry. I'm not really interested in getting into it. Y'all know that I live about 50 minutes from New Orleans, right? Well, I found the show to be just wrong and kinda boring. Wrong in the fact that it wasn't authentic- we don't have "Gumbo parties" and that could've easily been changed to a fish fry, crab boil, but not a gumbo party. Another thing, no one I know makes fried shrimp po boys in their kitchens! You can get them on every corner, in every little grocery store! Houmas House is not in New Orleans, little stuff like that... I know it's petty but, I'm just like that. Plus, if I'm going to watch a cop show, there are better ones on tv.

Gossip Girl- I am too old to watch this but, I am. I overall liked this show and am intrigued enough to watch again. Some of it is unbelievable and maybe I'm just totally naive but, 17-year olds at a bar sipping martinis? Ummmm, WHAT? I know that teenagers drink. Yes, I am aware because I didn't wait for my 21st birthday to take my first sip (*GASP*)but, HELLO? I will watch again and see what happens.

Kid Nation- I hadn't heard all the hoopla that surrounded this show. I only heard that the critics weren't allowed to watch the first episode until Wednesday and that some people were all flipping out because "OMG, kids by themselves!!" Whatever! Give me a break. Those kids were THE CUTEST things ever!! I fell in love with a ton of them. Mike, Taylor, Laurel, Jimmy, Sophia,Michael, Dk, are all kids this great? I think they were fantastic and brave and funny and sweet. They will fight and cry and be homesick but, not different from the people on Survivor, right?

Back to You- I didn't watch. Did you?

I let my beloved TV Guide subscription run out :( I need to renew it!! Next week is the big week. I'm looking forward to the return of Law & Order: SVU, Grey's, House, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, (ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what am I forgetting?)

We did get DVR and it's great except I still have to develop a "system." The DVR keeps yelling at me, telling me- "No more shows!!" Something has to go. I know that will happen naturally. Shows will not be as good as I think or others will be better, ya know? Hopefully! I did not watch America's Next Top Model on Wednesday but, I DVR'ed it. Anyone watch? I watched The Biggest Loser last week but, not this week. I watched Survivor: China last night. James is from LA and he's great. I'll watch again but, I gotta get a feel for the cast.
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