Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yes, I Caved

The temptation of MTVs The Real World is just too much for me to resist. I'm watching it right now and 19 minutes into the very first episode and we have DRAMA. Two girls already don't like another girl! Ha Ha. I've always been fascinated with this show. i watched every single episode faithfully from the New York one until ? I really don't remember when I tapered off. I know I didn't have MTV for awhile. But, you get the point.

Last season, the Denver one, I didn't see one episode but, I heard that it was filled with fights and drama. Maybe that's why I wanna watch this one? Or because lots of them are southern and I love southerners. Out of the 7, I know 3 are from the south, maybe 4.

We have:
KellyAnne the girl from Texas who says in her audition tape that she can't stand for other girls to get more attention than her. Of course, when she meets Dunbar, from Mississippi, who has a girlfriend and tells everyone that he really likes her- KellyAnne MUST act like the ho of the month. Gross!

Dunbar has a girlfriend, Julie. But he lets slutty KellyAnne (who walks around the house in a tank and panties, OK) lick all over him. He's an arrogant butt head too. Cannot stand that

Cohutta is from Georgia. He builds log cabin houses. I'm IN LOVE with him. Of Course.... Everything he says cracks me up because that's just what I love. He'll probably do something awful to make me eat my words but, c'mon, my husband is from GA and our first kiss was in a fab little log cabin that I could move right into.

Trisha has a boyfriend. They have sex even though she has one of those purity rings. I turned the show on a little too late to see exactly her whole story from the beginning. But, I saw that her and her boyfriend wanted the world to know she promised to wait and they didn't. Yay for her. She's a bitch, too

Parisa is from New York and is very burdened. Isaac- a cutie- says a "Debbie Downer" which can be perfect. She is Muslim, her parents both being from Iran. She obviously has no patience for the drinking, making out, giggles of the other girls. But, helloooooo, what did you expect on this show? She has a thing for Dunbar, too.

Isaac is adorable. He's from Cleveland and has that bad boy thing that gets me. He once robbed 15 houses and went to "treatment" and was on probation (not parole, Lindsey). He is into music and boobs. Especially Shauvon's...

Shauvon is from California, she is a journalism major and has her own column! I'm jealous. Plus, she is making out with Isaac is the confessional. He's a cutie and she's cute and la la la.... Who knows what will happen???

OK, so I watched the whole thing and I like Isaac, Cohutta, Shauvon. KellyAnne is a slut. Dunbar is arrogant. Trisha is a bitch. Parisa has too many chips on her shoulder. But, we shall see as the season unfolds. I'm sure it'll all turn upside down.

I'm hooked. Who's with me? Anyone? Anyone??????

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