Monday, August 27, 2007

Luke Had to Come Check on Me

Because I was literally SOBBING during the season finale of Army Wives tonight. It originally aired last night (Sunday) but, I watch on Mondays for the flow of my TV schedule. Anyway, I did a post on this show when it premiered and pretty much got a "No thanks!" I'm not sure if any Diary readers watch this (Naomi, maybe?) but, I feel compelled to write this because I was so moved. (Trevor & Roxy Leblanc renewing their vows)

I love the characters on this show. Roxy, played entertainingly by Sally Pressman, is a breath of fresh air. She's a mix of both tough-as-nails and vulnerability. She's the newbie on post and in the season finale, Trevor is deployed.

(Chase Moran being "shaved" by children Lucas and Katie)

I watch this show every week and think the same thing, "Thank God there are men and women out there willing to do this for me and my loved ones. Thank God there are men and women willing to do this for the country and the freedom that I love. Thank God for them and thank God I didn't fall in love with one of them. And GOD BLESS the spouses, children, parents, etc... they leave behind. That is true bravery."

(Pamela Moran, played by the beautiful and hilarious Bridget Braddah, on her post radio show)
(Pamela, Roxy & Trevor at the 4th of July party at Claudia Joy's house)

(Chase waving good-bye to Pamela before he leaves. Another time I cried)
(Joan Burton, played by Wendy Davis. Her husband is the only "Army Husband", Roland.)

(My favorite girls on the show in an episode called " Dirty Laundry")

(Denise & Jeremy Sherwood welcoming home their husband and father, respectively)

(Kim Delany plays Claudia Joy Holden)

The season premiere featured a ceremony honoring the new post commander which was not Michael Holden. He was passed over, unfairly, according to Claudia Joy. The issue is repeatedly brought up throughout the season.

I'm really serious, y'all should watch this if it goes into reruns. It's an excellent show. It's got great actors. I'm just sayin'. And I'm sure no one else would cry. I'm a known crybaby.

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