Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm Watching

Since it's Summer and there are new shows and reruns, I'm wondering what everybody is watching. And since everything has been on for awhile, what have you started to watch and loved or hated? Disappointed in or satisfied with or whatever... So, I decided to tell y'all what I'm watching, loving, hating, disappointed in and satisfied with, OK? (Watching a Gilmore Girls rerun on ABC Family channel and Sookie is pregnant with Davey, her first. She is freaked out and tells Lorelei, "I can't do this" pointing to her 8 and a half month old stomach. Lorelei says, "Well, isn't it a little late for that? What are you gonna do, walk it off?" I thought that was funny.)

I'm starting with MONDAY (all times Central Standard because that's MY timezone) because that's where TV Guide starts and I'm using it for my research and guidance. Yes, even I need help sometimes. Hard to believe, I know. So,
-I don't/didn't watch one second of Age of Love(NBC) but, it came on at 7:00 on Mondays. Who watched? Anybody wanna discuss? I heard he picked the kitten instead of the cougar. Shocker!
-I often watch the rerun of Army Wives(LIFETIME) at 7:00 if I didn't catch it on Sunday night at 9:00. I love this show. LOVE. I did a preview on it here. I'm satisfied. I've heard that real Army wives are OK with it except some people have trouble with the relationship portals. They say that this group of friends is unrealistic as a Major's wife wouldn't be friends with a Private First Class' wife, etc...
-8:00 The Emmy nominated, Golden Globe winner Kyra Sedgwick on The Closer(TNT). This is the 3rd season of the show and it is really awesome. I love it. Kyra is amazing and so is the cast (Jon Tenny plays love interest and FBI Special Agent)
-9:00 I've watched TNT's new show Saving Grace. Starring Holly Hunter as an Oklahoma City police detective. She is really messed up- drinking, smoking, and sleeping with everybody and their brother. She has had a rough life, personally and professionally. She takes things a little too far when she drives (drunk) into a man on a road one night. In her desperate time of need, she calls out to God for help. She gets a tobacco chewing angel named Earl. It's worth watching.
-Supernanny. I really like her but, sometimes it makes me crazy.
-Dateline NBC. I was raised on tv magazine news shows like this and 20/20 and Primetime.

7:00- I'm so watching the Gilmore Girls(CW) reruns. I just love that show. But, tonight Drew Carey's new game show, Power of 10, premiers(CBS). He was on Regis and Kelly this morning. I like him a lot and think he's hilarious. Plus, I like a good game show. I'll give it a try.
8:00- Big Brother 8(CBS). I love this show even though the cast this season has no one that I LOVE like in the past.

8:00-Last Comic Standing(NBC). I love, love, love stand up comedy.
9:00-Top Chef (BRAVO)- This cast is not so great. Chef Tom is hot, though. Is he gay?
9:00-Dateline NBC
9:00-MTV's The Real World:Sydney premiers tonight. I haven't watched a full season in a while. There's always something better on that wins out. Plus, I'm now officially older than the cut off date and that is depressing. Not that I'd ever, ever want to be on it.

7:00-Big Brother 8(CBS)
9:00-Without A Trace(CBS)- if I have not seen it
or Welcome to the Parker on Bravo. I love that show. I love Bravo! LOVE IT

7:00-What Not to Wear (TLC) or Dr G: Medical Examiner (Discovery Health). Dr G is awesome but she's not for everybody because she's doing autopsies and stuff. I like that kinda thing, though.
8:00-Monk (USA). So good
9:00-Psych (USA)I think it's better this season
9:00-20/20- If there is something good on 20/20, I watch this because I know that Psych will rerun.

8:00-48 Hours Mystery
9:00-Medium (NBC) rerun or 48 Hours Mystery again (CBS)

7:00-Big Brother 8
8:00-Cold Case (CBS) very very good show. Homicide show about going back to solve the crime ("cold case"). Stars Kathryn Morris and Danny Pino. Awesome music
9:00-Shark or Army Wives

Other shows I watch:
-All Law & Orders (CI & SVU & the regular... I'd watch Law & Order WHATEVER)
-Bridezillas- Where do they find these people?
-Platinum Wedding- OMG! They spend money on things that amaze even me. A $10,000 CAKE? Ummm, no
-E! True Hollywood Story- Love it
-Lifetime movies
-Medical Incredible
-Untold Stories of the ER
-Any types of birth shows (A Baby Story, Birthday, etc..)
-American Justice
-the Biography channel
-Inside the Actor's Studio

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. That's what I'm watching now. What is on NOW. Not the FALL shows. I want you to tell me about what you're watching now (no Grey's, DH, Lost, etc... unless you specify that you are watching reruns).

*Anybody watch Glenn Close's new show on FX?

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