Monday, August 13, 2007

Hollywood Baby Stuff

Lots of baby stuff going on in the wacky world of Hollywood. Let us take a look at the pictures, shall we? This is Kal-El Cage (22 months) with his mom, Alice Kim. His dad is Nicolas Cage. The boy was named after Superman's real name in the comics or something. Whatever.

This awful picture ran in OK! Magazine the UK edition. It's Katie Price AKA Jordan holding her daughter, Princess Tiaamii. First of all, the fake bake looks worse next too the baby's complexion. I guess we should be glad she didn't slather her in tanner! In the article, Jordan says, "She looks really different from both my other kids- she's got fair, gingery hair and really blue eyes. I don't mind, I love her anyway, even if she's a ginger. I don't know where the ginger comes from. We had a ginger gardener." So many things wrong with this sentence. She loves her anyway? Well, that's nice! And that is so great to imply that about the gardener- classy.

Angelina and Brad take ALL their kids to the Field Museum in Chicago. They are there because Angie is shooting a movie. So much for her "taking time off" like she said when she adopted Pax. Brad is carrying Zahara, who is two and a half and holding three and a half year old Pax's hand. Angelina is holding 14 month old, Shiloh and Maddox, who just turned six, is somewhere pushing a stroller. These kids are cute. I just wish Angelina wouldn't lie. Plus, I don't like the comments she made about Shiloh being a blob.

Poor Bridget Moynahan! These photos were taken on August 8th while she was on her way to breakfast. She's due any day, dad is her ex- Tom Brady. She was scheduled for a c-section because the baby was breech but, that can change. She also could have had him already. I've been waiting. I feel so sorry for her. I'm so miserably hot and fat! I know she had to be miserable, too.

Mark Wahlberg and girlfriend (what's up with that? Drives me crazy!) Rhea Durham took their cute kiddies to visit Abby Caddaby in PA. Ella Rae is 3 (love that dress!!) and Michael is 16 months. Now they need to go get married.

Baby Spice, Emma Bunton, had a baby boy on Friday. The father is her boyfriend, Jade Jones. They named the baby, Beau. I went to school with a guy named Beau, so it isn't strange to me.

Finally, look how good Nicole Richie is looking! Pregnancy is agreeing with her. I'm really glad and hope she continues to gain and gain. She is pictured here leaving a Beverly Hills salon with boyfriend and baby daddy, Joel Madden.

Here she is again yesterday, looking happy.

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