Sunday, August 26, 2007

250- There's More Where Those Came From

This is my 250th post, or (diary) entry, as I like to refer to them. I've said it before and will say it again, blogging has been a wonderful thing for me. I have made friends with great people. I've learned about things I never would have learned about (and I love that). I've discovered all types of different parenting styles. I've also learned a little something about myself.

I have learned that I do have the talent to write and that people other than my mother will read what I write and, *gasp*, actually like it. I really have been pleasantly surprised by the comments made by total strangers (and, of course, by my mother) about my writing. I enjoy knowing that what I've written has sparked some sort of emotion- laughter or tears or even just a second thought to a topic. I appreciate that from a writer so, I have been very glad to get those comments.

I have also observed that in the blogging world, like any other, there are cliques. Some of you may have noticed the cliques, or not. I've always been the girl who was friends with every type of group in school. I can get along with anyone. I have a wide spectrum of interests and so I visit lots of different types of blogs. There is one group in particular that, even though I comment on a few of their blogs, I get no response. Hey- whatever! I still read a certain one everyday with the rest of my favs and continue to comment and be ignored. I have a feeling as to why I'm not allowed but, if I say, I'd be alienating an entire group of people that don't deserve it. I could be wrong, too. It's happened before.

I have also noticed that the harder I work on an entry, the more people seem to ignore it!! In that I mean that I feel like I get less comments on those entries. Guess I shouldn't do book reviews anymore? Ummmmm, nah! I enjoy it. But, I love comments, too!! So, tell me what you want MORE of and what you want LESS of, m'kay?

Now, let me tell you what's coming up at The Diary.

Thanks for your feedback on any or all of this! Thanks for reading The Diary!!

P.S. If you've left a comment and I haven't emailed a response, check the comments. If you don't find one there, I'm working on it!

P.P.S Do you want the MUSIC back? Or no?

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