Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm So Excited!!

Big Thank You to Shannon at Rocks in my dryer for hosting the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER GIVEAWAY CARNIVAL. I've had soooooo much fun visiting new blogs and having people visit mine. I hope that i got some new readers and not just people here for my AWESOME Philosophy prizes. But, eh, I'm realistic. I know that most people will never be back. Greedy bloggers! Whatever... Just kidding because, I visited LOTS of blogs and entered LOTS of drawings (please let me win something!) and I found some that were for me and some that were not.

So, yes, I picked 2 winners. I am waiting for responses from the first winner drawn. She has first choice as to which prize she wants. I've emailed her and as soon as I hear from her, I will contact the second winner via email. Then I will do a great big "LOOK WHO WON" post!!!

Wanna know how I chose the winners? I will tell you. I cut up 207 pieces of paper (well 205 because I posted a comment and so did "Monique" and she didn't qualify) and wrote each name down. I even wrote down the few names that I knew I couldn't get in touch with just to see if they would have been winners. Then I put them all in my black Sephora bag (you know the one you get your goodies in when you order), cinched it up and shook it up. Then I pulled the first name and emailed her. Then I pulled the second name.

I've been to both of their blogs. I really like both of them. The second winner is very, ummmm, ironic. And as of right now, 12:56 am CST she has no clue she has won.

These a hint for anyone interested- 1) I don't know the winners. Not in person or in my blog friend life. (So, it's not Lin, Sarah, Kelli, Kate, Katie, Jamie, Jillie, Amy, Naomi, Laura, etc...)

On a different note, Lin reminded me (THANKS!) that I owe KELLI, SARAH, KATE, & LIN prizes from the relationship post. That's everybody, right? And MOM, I know. So, my question for you guys-
(a) Bath & Body Works Magnolia Shower Gel
(b) The Body Shop peppermint foot lotion
(c) Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial foaming hand soap
(d) Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial deep cleaning hand soap- pick a scent and I'll tell you if I have it.

Now, don't be shy. Let me know which ones y'all want.

I'll be having another "Reader Participation" soon. It's going to be about Summer Fashion. Get ready....

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