Friday, June 15, 2007


Luke is coming home! I'm thrilled, of course. I saw him 2 weeks ago but, it feels like forever. I've been dreaming of him for the past few nights. The dreams are always the same and pretty obvious to interpret; in every one I either am searching and searching (frantically) for him and can't find him or he's leaving me. Permanently. But, it's always the high school thing, a break up and I'm devastated and he's all "too cool" and aloof. It's heartbreaking and I always have this heavy heart when I wake up.
We have tentative plans to meet with the owners of the house we rent. We're going to talk about buying. I have no expectations at this point. They are elderly and quite crotchety. The house belonged to the husband's mother and is old and paid for, so our rent is just money in their pockets. Plus, we've heard from neighbors that previous renters have tried to buy and the owners have given them the run around. I'm not interested in this. We really don't want to move. And if we start this and don't come to an agreement, we will obviously will have to find somewhere else. Right?
The problem is 1) this area is very difficult to find places to live. Everything is very expensive. 2) I don't want to move out of the parish. 3) I don't want to move from here and rent something else. The list goes on.... I also really don't want to have to be picking places by myself but, I will! I'm just happy here. I love my neighbors. They aren't too close but not too far. They can be counted on in a pinch and have been there for me. It's not a subdivision, we have a little bit of land, though it's all in the front. And I love the old house. I have done nothing in the way of decorating in the 4 years we've been here. If we buy, it's on!
We are probably going to go on a date, too. We were way too tired last time he was here. So, I'm hoping that we get our sleep in at the right time and am able to spend time together. That Mexican restaurant and those margaritas sound sooooo fabulous. Not nearly as good as spending time with my beautiful Luke! Then, Sunday is camp time. We are all going down to mom and dad's camp on Sunday for Father's Day and I'm very excited. I haven't had lots of time with my dad or my Pa Pa in a while. Or my brother.

I'm hoping this weekend is a great one. My house is clean. My love is coming home. Family time is planned. What else could a girl ask for? A new pair of shoes? Well, I have a pair two pairs that I've never worn that I plan to wear this weekend. So, all the same! It's these in black and these.

So, what are you doing this weekend?
And who else wants to do the relationship "reader participation" project?
I've got Sarah's & mom's
Kelli & Bon said they'd do it but so far, no dice...

"I love your lips and everything attached to them..."

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