Monday, June 4, 2007

Army and Starter Wives

I watched Army Wives tonight and I loved it! Did anyone else watch? It's by the producers of Grey's Anatomy and did I mention that I loved it. Really, it was good. I really didn't know what to expect having read mixed reviews from my trusted critics. It's on LIFETIME at 9:00 on Sunday's and while my regular Sunday at 9 show is on hiatus (Without A Trace), this will take it's place.
I gave it a chance because I love Kim Delany (of NYPD Blue) and Catherine Bell (JAG). I never watched JAG but, I've seen her in a tv movie and she was good. The other girl I heard to look out for was Sally Pressman who I'd never heard of but, I loved her on the show.

Let me just give you an overview sprinkled with a little bit of my opinion.
The show is set on an Army post- I thought it was BASE but, honey I was schooled! And so was Roxy (Sally Pressman). Marines live on bases. So this one is Fort Marshall and SEEMS like it's in the south but, I don't know if I'm right about that. Kim Delany plays Claudia Joy Holden the wife of Col Michael Holden,one of the post's highest ranking officers, and mother of two daughters, Amanda and Emmaline. Claudia Joy is classy, sophisticated and a natural born leader. She's kind of the "head wife". But, she's not a bitch. She seems to stand up for what she believes in and get what she wants in the end.
Catherine Bell plays Denise Sherwood the woman who only knows Army life. She comes from a long line of Army wives and is most comfortable and at home on a post in the military lifestyle. She is the wife of Maj Frank Sherwood who is deployed in this first episode leaving her to deal with an angry and sometimes violent 17- year old son, Jeremy. She gave up her nursing studies to be the wife and mother that she is but, I feel like she still associates with that role and maybe will go back to that. *Even though soldiers DO NOT want their wives to work* Claudia Joy and Denise seem like they have a history and are close.
Roxy Leblanc played by Sally Pressman is the new wife on the block, ummm, post. Actually, she's a new wife period. She met her husband ( Private First Class Trevor Leblanc) 4 days before they married. Then the two of them and her two (very cute) little boys moved to Fort Marshall. Roxy loves her husband but, she is very different from the otherwise established wives. She is rough around the edges, her babies have different daddies and she was a bartender and wants to get a job as one again. She really wants to make Trevor proud and not embarrass him. But, she soon realizes that making friends will be easier than she originally thought.
Pamela Moran is also someone that instantly gets the other wives talking. So, it's no surprise that she and Roxy become fast friends. A former Boston cop, Pamela is tough and used to pulling her own weight. She's actually pregnant-with twins!! But there's more to that story... And for some reason, these really bitchy women start all these rumors about her. At the beginning of the show they are saying Pamela (Brigid Brannagh) is dealing Percocet and then later they're saying she's boinking the post's chaplain! I like her. She's funny and fiesty and real and she's pretty in an unassuming way.
Lastly is the Army wife that isn't. Roland Burton is the therapist husband of Lieutenant Colonel Joan Burton who just came home from Afganistan and is obviously not the same. Roland is adorable. He goes to Claudia Joy's tea party for the wives and goes get his wife at a bar after she drinks herself stupid. Roland even gets mixed in the girls' mayhem and remains the perfect gentleman.

I hope someone else watched or will now watch. I hate not being able to discuss with someone. At least give it a chance, ok?? Just one episode. If you don't like it then that's fine but, give it a try.
Also, besides Lindsey (because I know she watched), who watched The Starter Wife? What do you think?

For those who are interested, Luke came home this weekend! Ahhhhh, I'm so in love with him. Poor baby came home on Friday early afternoon and so he didn't get any sleep for 30 plus hours. But we stayed awake forever Friday night. He was delirious, I think. We talked about all kinds of things from Kavorkian (apparently recently released), abortion, funny kid stories (Cooper included), dreams we'd had in the past week, and a lengthy conversation about our future kids (Holden and Isabella :)) We discussed at what age he thought he could tell when a child had potential to be any good at football (2. WHAT????) and what he'll look for (balance, hand-eye coordination- which leads to teasing about certain family members who have NONE- and what he calls "good feet"). Saturday, my poor baby slept all day and night practically. He was just so tired. I hate to see him go but, I think it's only four more weeks.

*Now, leave a comment. Promise you'll watch

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