Friday, June 22, 2007

Bathing with Mr Smith

So, I know I got lots of celeb stuff goin on today but, oh well. I read in one of my weekly mags, in the "Celeb Quote" section the following: "I noticed that with Brad also. Yeah, when we get in the tub, he wants to talk. It's like, I just want to soak." -MATT DAMON Joking about A. Jolie's comments on how Brad Pitt gets her to open up and talk when they're in the bathtub togehter I just DIED! Thinking about being in the bathtub with Brad Pitt!!! WOW, yeah, ummmm, here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Love a daddy...
the bad boy

from Mr & Mrs Smith- HOT!

Yeah, Mr Smith...

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