Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Blurts from my head...

I really do think Anna freakin Nicole Smith is not dead. She decided to rev up her career and BOY did she do a bang up job! I mean obviously she can't come back but, that girl has gotten just waaaay too much coverage. I'm sick of hearing about her, her baby (even though she is really cute), her dopey mama, Howard K. Stern (who walks around using their middle initial like that?), and all the countless courtcases that are ridiculous now.
I am a pop culture whore- I love it. I get all the magazines- Life & Style, InTouch, US Weekly, People, Marie Claire, Glamour, Jane, In Style, Allure, TV Guide.... is that all??? Oh yeah, and Soap something- yeah, typical housewife- I WATCH SOAPS! Well, General Hospital... Whatever. Leave me alone.
So, back to ANS. Yes, I was all into it when she died. "Oh, what happend?" "I bet that slinky Howard K. Stern had something to do with it." Then, yeah, I wanted to know who the baby daddy was but, ENOUGH!!! That Larry Birkhead needs to take the baby home and lets move on to the next story. Maybe I should go by Kristen H. "Last Name" Ummmm, no.

And what about Britney? Oh, Britney! I really feel like this girl had no childhood and then when she had her 1st child, she developed postpartum depression. I strongly believe this is a condition that is not taken seriously or at least not enough. Then she got pregnant with her next child way too soon. Hormones are a powerful thing. I really think she went crazy because of all of those factors. Plus her fabulous husband. I'm not saying none of it was her fault, of course it is. Where was all this support though? Everyone is talking about how hard it will be for her to make a comeback. I'm not sure it will be that hard. She is photographed everywhere she goes, she keeps the rags talking and I think that if she puts a CD out and goes on tour... people will respond, even if out of curiosity.
I just hope she finds the Lord, gets some help, and takes care of her babies. I liked some of her songs and she was/is an amazing performer.

Tonight is HOUSE night! YAY! I love that show. Hugh Laurie is one of my favs. The deal was sealed once I saw him on Inside the Actor's Studio- love that show. Hugh is British, charming, handsome, funny and extremely talented. I wouldn't kick him out of bed. Well, I would because I'm married but, well, you know... He did comedy shows in England and plays piano. I think he's fantastic as Dr Gregory House. He plays an American, an acerbic, unfeeling (seemingly), yet extremely brilliant doctor. He also has a leg injury, a limp and a powerful addiction to painkillers. It's a fantastic show and Hugh Laurie (as well as all the others) is phenominal.

...i'm in charge of all those t-shirts...

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