Monday, January 14, 2008

La Vie En Rose, OMG!!

Oh, this movie. Marion Cotillard's performance was so incredible. She was fantastic- so vulnerable, angry, passionate. Her portrayal is so inspired. The very short life of Edith Piaf was tragic and extraordinary.

The movie is in French with subtitles, which I love. It's also filled with Edith Piaf's songs, which are beautiful. Her voice is gorgeous.

The movie does jump awkwardly, at times, from one time period to another, making it difficult to keep things straight.Certain people and such. For me, it was so worth it, though. It was one of those movies that reached out and grabbed me and hasn't let me go. I had to learn all about Edith Piaf after I watched.

This happens to me. I will watch something or read something and get inspired. I've heard of Edith Piaf but, never knew anything about her. She was born on December 19, 1915 to a cafe singer mother and a street acrobat father. She lived with her grandmother briefly in a Normandy brothel. In the movie, it's unclear how long she lives there. While there, she is very sickly (she is sickly when she arrives) and becomes blind allegedly from meningitis. She regains her sight after three years.
Well, maybe you want to watch the movie. You should.

Marion Cotillard won a Golden Globe last night! She won Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy. She beat Ellen Page (Juno) and Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray). Those were the two big contenders, or so I heard.

I am DYING for the Academy Award nominations. I really want her to be nominated. Plus, I cannot believe the movie didn't get a nom for Best Foreign Film. (I will be posting about the Golden Globe winners next) Please, please let the strike be over!! Let us pray.

I think I'll be watching the movie again today. Maybe even getting an Edith Piaf CD. I'm still not well. I got better then, I started feeling bad again. Today, horrible. PFFFT. Isabelle, Olivier and baby Zoe left. SO SAD! I didn't get to say goodbye but, I love them and will miss them so much.

Back in a few...

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