Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feeling (Felt) A Little Ambitious

Maybe it was the dose of NyQuilL I took, maybe it was the bowl of broccoli soup my mom sent (thanks again for the recipe, A!) or the three chocolate kisses I had (Hello! Dieting!!) but, I got a sudden feeling of ambition. I decided to try to post the Sugar Bowl pics and other pics I have. Well, it came and it went. *sigh* I'm exhausted now, again.

It takes forever, for-ev-er, for blogger to upload the pictures. Never took that long for other pictures to upload... Plus, I have such a problem with formatting. I can never get the pictures to be in order and the Sugar Bowl pictures are part of a story, ya know? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Moving along...

My chicken schwarma plate from lunch a few weeks ago
Muffin eating pizza and drinking milk at my mama's house a week or so ago. I think he was pointing at me, telling me to stop taking his picture.

Muffin does not eat pizza but, my brother, Justin ordered one and he decided he wanted a piece. He thought Justin was the coolest! He went upstairs and watched him play "Guitar Hero" and danced all around. Then he'd tell me, "Justin play guitar on da tv." Love him!!

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