Saturday, October 20, 2007

Do Your Civic Duty

Today is voting day in Louisiana. We are voting for Governor (not a moment too soon-or waaay too late if you ask me!), Lieutenant Governor (Sammy Kershaw, the country music singer, is running), Secretary of State, Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, Commissioner of Insurance and then different Parishes are voting for different things. We are also voting on proposed constitutional amendments.

I've always been proud to vote. I've always loved doing it and done so faithfully. I vote for everything!! If it's put to a vote and I can, I vote. I don't just vote in the "big" elections, i.e. gubernatorial, presidential, etc. I have looked up the candidates in the positions and I'm ready to go.

I also love drama and excitement so, I love it when the news starts to show the coverage of the votes coming in and who's winning. I remember staying awake all night for my first presidential election. That was in 2000 so it was all for nothing! The staying up, I mean, not my vote. Next year will be my 3rd presidential vote and I think that is very exciting.

I cannot wait to see who our new governor is- or who is in the run-off (or vote off, as I accidentally said to Lindsey the other night!). I hope that one is not necessary.

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